How Personalised Corporate Hampers Help to Build Your Brand

How Personalised Corporate Hampers Help to Build Your Brand


Buying corporate gifts is hard enough when you’ve got a million and one other things on your plate. But ensuring your corporate hampers align to your brand is one of the most important factors when choosing your impactful gifts - whether they’re being sent to clients, employees or business partners. Especially as they can act as a powerful silent sales tool. 

Ensuring your branding aligns with your values means your corporate hampers don’t just make people smile, they keep your brand at the forefront of their minds, create ongoing brand ambassadors and create a consistent brand experience. Right through to the very last crumb. 

So, what do we mean by your ‘brand’?

You’re new to this. Or better yet, you’ve spent years gifting last minute bottles of cheap wine and flowers, with not an ounce of personalisation. 

When we say ‘aligned to your brand’, we mean everything through to your brand values, what you stand for and what your purpose is. It’s imperative that your corporate hampers clearly convey your brand’s identity. 

Your brand’s identity is made up of what your brand speaks of, what your values are, how you communicate both your product and persona. Right through to what you want people to feel when they interact with you. It’s much more than a business - it’s a personality. 

And often, because they’re not expecting it, corporate hampers that are aligned to your brand can be the icing on the cake. Especially when a client is deciding who to work with, or when an employee is thinking about moving jobs. As Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) says, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” And whilst the visual aspect of your company often takes the reins when it comes to branding, your values and personality play an imperative part in painting the whole picture. And Pretty Green helps to do both. 


Shaking hands with a corporate client

How do you align a corporate gift to your brand?

Where exactly do corporate hampers and gifts come into this whole spiel? Well, sending gifts to the most important people in your business helps to cement long standing relationships and create a very real, and emotional connection, whether it be with clients or employees. And what better way to do so than with corporate hampers - filled with small-batch and downright delicious Australian produce. 

Product Choice

The most important - and often the most exciting - part of choosing a business gift is deciding what delicious produce goes into your corporate hampers. Is your business a stickler for sustainability? Pick from our range of eco-conscious gifts that have recyclable and reusable packaging, or ensure that their products are made with no waste in sight. Does your company believe in giving back to communities both locally in Australia and around the world? Pick gifts that are part of social enterprises, and help farmers both in Australia and around the world get fair payment for their hard work. Are you fanatical when it comes to maintaining a healthy office environment? Choose from a huge array of vegan products (that align with sustainability factors too!) and wholesome, nutritious produce that contains nothing but Australian ingredients and goodness. 

Whether it’s minimal intervention kombucha for your health conscious company, sweet jams made from ‘ugly’ fruit that would otherwise go to landfill or indulgent chocolate that gives back to cocoa farmers to ensure they’re rightfully paid, our experienced team works together with you to create corporate hampers that truly reflect and speak to your brand’s personality and vision. 


Personalising your corporate hampers is one of the easiest ways to make your recipients feel special and important to your business. Whether you need a gift for one or one hundred, you can apply personalisation that really goes the extra mile.

If you’re gifting a corporate hamper to an individual - maybe it’s for an employee’s promotion or a client’s leaving present - you can personalise your gift from the products right through to the gift card using our custom Gift Builder. A customised gift personal to both them and your brand. Are they a tea lover, and do you dig sustainability? Our organic teas with gorgeous reusable apothecary jars are the perfect choice. Do they love cooking for their busy family and you love to keep things on the healthy side? Our quick and wholesome rice meals are sure to make them start drooling. 

Personalisation of products when it comes to corporate hampers is one thing. But why not go one step further? When you check out, simply add a personalised message and we’ll hand write it onto one of our beautifully designed (and recyclable) greetings cards. That way, when you send it straight to their doorstep (or desk), they’ll know exactly who their gorgeous gift is from and why you chose each and every product, making them feel all the more special. 

Branded Packaging

Should you be looking to send your whole office a Christmas gift for the ages, a valentines gift on their desk to make them smile or a care package whilst working from home, we can help your packaging dreams come true. 

Together with our partner agency Haimat, we can design packaging according to your brand colours and logo, help to write the perfect messaging and source and pack the box you want your gift to be sent in. With years of experience in design, copywriting, digital and most importantly branding, we can help to ensure your corporate hampers are created in a way that means they do what they’re supposed to. Not only make people smile, but also create engagement and emotional connection to the people who make the cogs of your business turn. 


Wrapping a corporate hamper with a bow

The best places to gift corporate hampers

Sending a business gift is never a bad idea, but we’ll let you in on a little secret. The best corporate gift hampers are the ones that surprise and delight their recipient. It’s a little pick me up when you know they’ve been busy in the office, a congratulations for even the smallest business win, a welcome back after they’ve been ill or.. well, just for being a damn great person to work alongside. 

Not only is every occasion an opportunity for potential brownie points, they also provide opportunity for sales and retention. So whether it’s a take away gift hamper for those who attended a conference, a congratulations gift hamper for a star employee who just scored a promotion or a client’s work anniversary you (by miracle) remembered, intertwining your brand in your corporate hampers means that your business stays front of mind and top of the list!

Still a little stuck on ideas? Take a look at the personalised corporate hampers we’ve created together with some of our incredible clients that have really made an impact.