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Save time and money to get your shopping delivered carbon offset.

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How do I place an order?
With the mobile device in your hand, duh. Sorry that's not what you meant, right? Once you have access to the app, you can start your grocery spree. We have heaps of features you’ll love. We’re talking one click recipe ordering, dietary filters and personalisation which should make shopping more than a breeze. Once you’ve found everything you’re looking for, head on over to your shopping basket, lock in a delivery time that suits your hectic lifestyle and pay. Now all you’ve got to do is wait for our friendly delivery driver. We’ll text you 15 minutes before we arrive with your groceries so you can make sure you’re waiting with open arms at your door.
What are the delivery times?
Luckily for you, our delivery times are based on 2 hour rhythms from 7am to 9pm every damn day! So what does that mean? Well, when you choose your preferred time it’ll be within a 2 hour time slot. For example, if you’re having a lazy Sunday morning, you might choose the 9am to 11am slot. And we’ll deliver within that time frame! If you’re out during the day and the only time that works for you is afternoons, you could select the 3pm to 5pm time slot. Lock it in, Eddie. But wait, it gets better. We’ll also send you a heads up via text when we’re 15 minutes away from dropping off your groceries. That gives you enough time to get your shit together and meet us at the door right?
Is there a minimum order amount?
Nope. There is no minimum order amount. Because where’s the fun in that?
What's your returns policy?
Because this is food, we don't have a returns policy. Again, if something arrives in a quality or condition you’re not stoked about then please send us a message at and attach an image of the damaged product. In that sitch, we’ll reimburse that product.
What do you do to be a sustainable supermarket?
Sustainability runs in our blood. It’s in yours too. We could go on all day about our sustainability practices and where we see our future headed, but scrolling just ain’t doing any good for the planet. Or your wellbeing for that matter. Instead, we’ll give you a brief overview of our relationship with señor sustainability.

#1 By offering produce only from Australia, we cut the transport emissions down by too many tons to count. This is our driving force for sustainability.
#2 Each delivery we make is carbon offset, which means you can order groceries without the guilt. Every damn day.
#3 We’re at war with wastage. Everything we do, from packaging to produce functions with a zero waste mindset. That means utilising recyclable or reusable packaging and ordering only what we need to - resulting in products that are also fresh as fork.

And hey, we’re not saying we’re perfect (YET!), but as a small business, we’re trying our best and we’re pretty stoked to continue our journey with you by our side. Head over to our Instagram to follow our sustainability journey more closely, you guys will be in our pocket the entire way.
Can someone under 18 take the order?
Is the Pope Catholic? If you are old enough to open the door, you are old enough to receive groceries. We are, however, not allowed to deliver alcohol to minors who are under 18. Hence our delivery driver will ask for proof of identity, if you’re loading up on the nectar. This is a legal requirement and we fully support it. Always drink responsibly or live a pretty ordinary life. Let’s get a hell yeah to that!

By buying groceries from us, you're helping to make australia a little more Pretty and a lot more Green.

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