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    Discover a range of eco-friendly sustainable gifts perfect for Christmas, birthdays and new babies. Shop mindfully and consciously for your family, friends and business.
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Although sustainability underlies our entire ethos as a gifting company, we still have a huge selection of producers who make sustainability a priority. So go ahead, do some good for the planet.

Shopping consciously is at the forefront of changing our habits and having a positive impact on the environment. And it doesn’t stop at gift giving. At Pretty Green, we believe that every time you spend money on well.. anything, you’re casting a vote for the world you want to live in. So now is the time to start purchasing sustainable gifts for family and friends, whether it be for Christmas, birthday presents, baby hampers or even when corporate gifting

Sustainable gifts are an easy way to support the good practices of small business across Australia and ensure you’re acting consciously in order to do good for the planet. Now you can shop our range of the best sustainable gifts in one place, so you can not only support small-batch producers, but those who focus specifically on sustainability and handcrafting eco-friendly products. Without it costing the earth. 

What’s in our sustainable gifts?

So you’ve decided you want to make an environmentally mindful choice when gifting a hamper to your friend for her birthday, your employees when they’re onboarding or your whole family come Christmas. What next? Here’s a little more about the producers featured in our sustainable gifts that ensure your footprints on the planet are a little lighter. 

Okay, this one isn’t quite food - but it’s perfect for holding your goodies at a picnic! Winestains are based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. They saw that many wine barrels were being carelessly thrown to landfill, so decided to do something about it. The Father and daughter duo now create eco-conscious wooden chopping boards, platters, wine glass holders and various other products out of repurposed wine barrels that make the perfect sustainable gifts. Each piece is handcrafted and still has its red wine stains visible - which means each beautiful wooden travel buddy holds a slice of history that you can see. 

Whilst sustainable gifting often means your product is recycled or repurposed in some way, it can also ensure the sustainability of our environment. World class beekeeper at Malfroy’s Gold harvests his award winning honey from his wild Warre hives made from salvaged timber to mimic the bees natural environment. In order to maintain and sustain the bee population in Australia, Malfroy’s practices natural, biodynamic beekeeping and goes to lengths to raise awareness for their practices and the environment. 

Although sustainability underlies our entire ethos as a gifting company, we still have a huge selection of producers who make sustainability a priority. So in our sustainable gifts range, you’ll find everything from delicious Nut Mylk bases to handmade ceramic keep cups to tea backed by sustainable values. All from passionate and talented producers from across Australia. We’ve created a platform so you can easily select one of our thoughtfully curated eco friendly gifts (perfect if you’re a last-minute gift giver) or build your own personalised sustainable gift from our extensive range.