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    Shop by ethos and find the perfect give back gift that helps the community, the environment, education and fair work. The perfect conscious gift for Christmas or Birthday.

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Be it giving back to the farmers who grow the cacao in your chocolate, planting trees for the bees that make your honey or supporting those that prevent food going to landfill, there are so many ways to give back.

At Pretty Green, we believe where you cast your vote is fundamental when choosing your gift. Which is why we encourage you to shop by ethos. This means that when you buy a gift hamper - be it for a birthday, Christmas or new baby - you’re putting your money towards what you believe in. Giving back to the community, environment, education and fair work means a lot to us, which is why we’ve created a range of give back gifts that make it easy for you to support the causes you feel most passionate about. 

Every occasion is an opportunity to send a give back gift and with Pretty Green, your recipient will get a tasty box of Australian made goodies that make you feel good about giving back and make them feel ecstatic about their delicious hamper! Everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift, but it’s even more special when you know you’ve purchased something that will truly make a difference. 

Who does your give back gift support?

Whilst purchasing any Pretty Green gift hamper gives back in some way - whether it be to our local communities, producers, families and the environment - we have a few producers that specifically ensure they give back to a cause close to their hearts. These producers are the ones featured in our give back gifts and product list. 

Lot’s of our give back gifts feature delicious chocolates made by Hey Tiger. Based in Melbourne, these handmade do-good chocolates have a huge social impact. They work closely with The Hunger Project in order to support the cocoa farming communities in Ghana to ensure their cocoa is sourced ethically and everybody receives a fair wage. With every bar bought, they donate 50c to The Hunger Project in order to fund their work within Ghana’s cocoa farming communities. Because no one should have to suffer for us to enjoy chocolate, right?

Another of our producers who carries out work close to our hearts is Sobah, a non-alcoholic beer brand doing good for the wellbeing of local communities, as well as leading the conversation surrounding issues of alcohol consumption and raising positive awareness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. They smash stereotypes, support the world of several foundations who believe in the same values. Oh, and they brew incredible non-alcoholic beer using native Australian botanicals and ingredients. This give back gift really is a no brainer. 

But wait, your give back doesn’t just have to give back to people and communities. Our environment is also a huge part of what we do. Which is why we love to support producers like Ugly Duck Fine Foods from Queensland. A little over 4 years ago, they joined the fight against food waste, and now make a delicious array of ‘rescued’ jams and relishes from rejected fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to landfill. They’ve discovered that it’s easy to turn ‘ugly’ fruit into delicious vegan, gluten free chutneys and spreads. And in giving back to our environment and stopping unnecessary waste, each spoonful from the jar tastes even better. Trust us on this one! This is a give back gift for the whole family. 

We believe that when you make a purchase, you’re casting a vote for the world you want to live in. Changing your gifting habits and sending a gift from our give back gift range not only means you get to gift a beautiful hamper filled with delicious Australian made goodies, but you’re also supporting producers who are doing incredible work not only in Australia, but worldwide. Making your mindful gift not only a little more thoughtful, but meaningful too. Why not choose to make a difference today?