• Pretty Green


    A little small-batch produce to celebrate your clients at any occasion. Keeping their taste buds happy and your business front of mind.

  • Negroni Cocktail Hamper
    Negroni Cocktail Hamper
  • Applewood Gin Hamper
    Applewood Gin Hamper
  • Bar Rochford Cocktail Hamper
  • Gourmet Small Batch Wine Hamper
    Red Wine hamper with chocolate, spices and honey.
  • Hot Sauce Hamper
  • Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
    Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
  • Deluxe Gin Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Garden Grown Gin Hamper
    Garden Grown Gin Hamper
  • Shiraz Wine Hamper
  • Bartender Cocktail Kit Hamper
    Bartender cocktail kit with bottle opener and ice mould tray.
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Pretty Green


Go the extra mile and showcase how valuable your clients really are to you with sustainable gift hampers delivered straight to their desk. 

With oodles of research under our belts, we know that gift giving is the key to great client relationships. And what stems from great relationships? Well, successful companies and long lasting businesses, of course!

Thoughtful client gifts can set you apart from others, and give your client a delicious reminder as to why they work with you - and not to mention how much they value their experience. The most important gift you can give to your client is one that represents your brand, is personalised to your relationship and aligns to both your brand values and those of your client. After your employees, your clients are the heart and soul of your business, which is why it’s pivotal to create and nurture a strong relationship. And how better to do so than with a hamper filled with wholesome, small batch Australian food?

Be it a display of gratitude, a client’s birthday, a Christmas client gift hamper or even a simple gift of surprise and delight, it’s important to think about the needs and values of your client. Each one is different, after all. You might have one client who loves to drink craft beer, or another who loves yoga and will appreciate a selection of new health foods such as kombucha or immune boosting tea. This is why we’ve officially said goodbye to the old school (and last minute!) bottles of wine from the local bottle shop or unhealthy cupcakes from the bakery around the corner. Instead, we curate client gift hampers filled with the highest quality produce, oozing with the love that’s poured into their creation. Each product comes directly from a small business who have spent years perfecting their craft and recipes. Meaning that often, your client is receiving a one of a kind gift that they can’t get anywhere else.

Our wide range of client gift hampers are the perfect way to show your gratitude for years of hard work, say happy birthday, celebrate Christmas or even as a leaving gift. And with so many different personalities in so many different business positions, we ensure we have gifts of all price brackets for all types of clients. We have gifts for CEO’s with whom you want to leave a long lasting impression, an account manager who’s just gone on maternity leave or the entire team who need a Christmas gift hamper with a difference. 

So long as you know your client well, you can choose a Pretty Green gift hamper to suit their personality for any occasion. Are they an adventure junkie? Can they not get through the morning without a caffeine filled coffee? Do they love to try new craft beers from independent breweries? Are they lover’s of cooking new and exciting dishes? You get the picture: we’ve got your client gift hamper covered. And with a hand on heart promise that each one contains only small-batch delicious produce that both ensures that you support small businesses within Australia, as well as being packaged and delivered sustainably right to their desk.