Delivery & Returns

1. Where do you deliver?

Anywhere you like! Our gift boxes are the perfect little package to remind your friends living overseas of the sweet tastes of home or as Christmas presents for family all over the world. They also make the best gifts for any occasion right here in Australia.

We ship both locally and internationally so nobody has to miss out! Just be aware that we are unable to drop your package off to a PO box, so you’ll have to enter a full address when filling in yours or your recipients details when paying.

2. What delivery company do you use?

We use Sendle (Link to: to deliver all of our hand picked packages right to your doorstep. They are a third-party courier that only offers standard shipping. They’re cheap, reliable and most importantly, a registered B-Corp business that even carbon offset 100% of their deliveries! Now that’s a company we love to work with. 

3. What are your delivery times like during Christmas?

We want nothing more than for you and your loved ones to receive your yummy gifts before Christmas Day. Things have been pretty crazy this year, so it seems only fitting that of course, the Christmas rush period is that little bit more hectic than usual. So, to make things easier for you we've laid out the cut-off dates for Sendle deliveries this year for Christmas. That means, these are the last dates that Sendle can guarantee your gift will arrive before that special day for your particular region. All the more reason to sort out your Christmas shopping early this year, right? 

  • 3 December - WA, Far North QLD, interstate regional areas and remote locations
  • 14 December - Interstate metro areas and NSW regional areas 
  • 17 December - Same City Sydney Metro

Another thing to note during this busy time is that Sendle operates on estimated delivery times rather than giving a specific date for when it will arrive. Your gift could arrive any time during the time slot allocated, and it's important to remember there could be delays. At this stage, Sendle could take up to 10 working days to deliver your gift but usually it arrives earlier than that. If it takes longer, please give us a shout and we will follow it up for you with a late parcel enquiry. Please remember that we do use a third party courier, once the gift is picked up it is out of hands and in the responsibility of Sendle. BUT, we will always do our best to follow up the best we can! 

4. Can I get a gift sent directly to the recipient?

Of course! Simply add in the recipients details in the delivery section and we’ll drop your gift right to their doorstep with a smile. If you’re lucky, the postman might even sing Happy Birthday… but there’s no guarantee.

5. Can I return a product?

Because our products are packed full with food and beverages, we unfortunately cannot offer returns. However we wholly understand that sometimes things can go wrong. So in the instance your package arrives broken (although we promise to try our best to make sure this never happens), or there is an issue with the product itself, we’d be happy to help resolve the issue. Just drop us an email (Email Link:

6. Can I change one of the products in the gift box I order?

Whilst we’d love for you to be able to mix and match our products, at the moment we cannot offer alternatives in our gift boxes. That being said, we know that some people may have allergies and other important requests. Therefore, if you send us an email, we will try and make your foodie dreams come true!

7. Can I change one of the products in the gift box I order?

No problem! We love it when we can bypass the emissions (and waiting time) of delivery. We are based on the Sydney’s sunny Northern Beaches, so just give us a call or email if you want to drop by, we’d love to see you!

8. How does my food order stay fresh?

We do our utmost to maintain the freshness of our products and ship them according to their individual needs. We use ice packs and insulation on hot days, however there are occasions on which we cannot ship products such as chocolate because it is simply too hot - this is usually when the temperature is higher than 32 degrees. A big melted chocolate mess doesn’t make anyone happy, so we try to ensure the quality is right for you.

9. What's our policy on chocolates?

Like we've said before, we always strive to keep our products in the best condition possible, both in our warehouse and during transit. But when it comes to our deliciously fresh choccies, they're packed with the realest of ingredients and often with little to no preservatives or stabilisers. 

That means, they can be a little extra heat sensitive than most other chocolates. We'll always throw in ice packs the morning of a delivery pick up and we'll never deliver when it's too hot to make sure we've done our absolute best against the melting department. However, once it's left us and been picked up by our third-party courier, we aren't able to control the temperature and handling of the gift during transit. 

It's important to be aware and to remember that since most of our gifts are delivered on our roads, there is a chance your gift could spend a night or weekend in depot. Before purchasing from us please consider this because we will not take responsibility for melted chocolates if you choose to purchase during hot weather. If you need any advice or clarification, please contact us and we can sort something out for you such as planning to ship out your order when the weather is at a cooler temperature. We're all ears, we always want to make sure that your chocolates arrive in as close to perfect condition as possible, for your tastebuds.

10. Why have I got a different product in my gift box?

Sometimes, we’re not perfect and on rare occasions, may run out of some products, especially if it happens to be a popular limited edition. Therefore, we might have no other option than to replace the item in your gift box. But don’t worry, we’ll hand pick something very similar and just as yummy (if not yummier!).