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Hey Tiger chocolate from our easter hampers
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It's simple. Buying your Easter hampers from Pretty Green not only means supporting local Australian business, but supporting ethical and sustainable cacao farming across the globe, too. 

This year, Easter just became a little more luxurious than a simple Cadbury Easter Egg. Instead, we’ve sourced the best small-batch produce from across Australia to make each Easter hamper pretty special. From traditionally made artisan chocolate to delicious handmade jams and organic Hunter Valley wine, your easter hamper doesn’t have to be the same as all the rest. 

An Easter Hamper for the whole family

We have an easter hamper for children, as well as adults and even hampers for the whole family - be it a healthy gift or one that’s a little naughtier. Each one carefully curated with small-batch Australian produce that compliments each other. Take our Breakfast Easter Hamper, for example. The perfect gift for a busy family to sit down together to celebrate the occasion. Packed with a wholesome pancake mix, delicious jams, yummy nutritious spreads and of course, freshly roasted coffee. If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent for the kids, we have chocolate hampers galore! Packed with eggs, so you can make their easter egg hunt the best one yet. We even have Easter hampers for those who are vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, diabetic or even have high blood pressure. Meaning not a single person has to miss out on the fun. 

Personalise your Easter hamper using our Gift Builder

Our Easter hampers are the perfect gift if you’re spending Easter away from your family and friends and simply want to surprise them with a gift to help them celebrate the occasion. You can pick from our range of easter hampers and baskets, or even personalise your own using our Gift Builder. Simply narrow down your search to occasion and click Easter. You can then choose from our vast range of small-batch easter products to create an easter hamper with a personal touch! Don’t forget to add a message, which we’ll handwrite on one of our greetings card so that your gift truly is a special one. 

Send a corporate Easter hamper

An occasion is a good time to send a corporate gift to let your clients, employees and business associates know that you’re thinking of them. And Easter is no exception. Shop from smaller Easter hampers to gift to each of your employees or a large hamper brimming with Australian produce to send to your client’s office. Either way, you can personalise your gift using our Gift Builder. This means you can pick their favourites, making your Easter hamper that little bit more special. Should you be sending out lots of Easter hampers, get in touch with us to personalise your gifts even further. Together we can source and choose products that align with your brand values, customise your packaging to fit your branding and send out your packages for you. Fuss free and absolutely delicious. A personalised easter hamper will leave them raving about you for days and ensure you are in the forefront of their minds.