Are You Strapped For Cash this Christmas? Here are the Best Gifts Under $100 For The Whole Family

Are You Strapped For Cash this Christmas? Here are the Best Gifts Under $100 For The Whole Family

Christmas 2020 is approaching fast

Christmas is approaching, fast! There are so many wonderful things that come with the Christmas lead-up; family traditions, baking, events, music, Christmas hampers, lights, cocktail shaking, general merriment and other festivities. Australia, we can’t wait! Which is why we've put together a last minute gift guide for the best Christmas Hampers in Australia under $100.

However, this joyful time of year can take its load on our finances. Enjoying the special holiday celebrations can cause quite the dent in our wallets. For some, they have the ‘it’s a time to splurge’ mentality at Christmas. For others, Christmas expenses can become quite stressful. Especially when you have a lengthy list of your nearest and dearest who you would like to show some appreciation for. 

How can I limit my spending to under $100?

Year after year, we can fall into habits and find ourselves buying the same gifts out of habit. Whether it be the bottle of perfume that your sister now has a surplus stock of thanks to you or the massage voucher that you’ve given your cousin for the past 4 years. Maybe this year is the time to get out of that gift-giving rut and get creative! (Within your budget, of course!) 

In Australia, lockdown has given us a lot of time to try new hobbies, learn new skills, and maybe find some gift-giving inspiration? Taking the creative gift-giving route will allow you to find cost-friendly ways to show your love. Need some encouragement? Here are our top 3 creative gift ideas:

#1 Send a Christmas hamper

What better way to spread some love and creativity than by purchasing a Christmas hamper that suits your friend’s taste and style! A Christmas hamper is the perfect out of the box (in a box) gift idea. It is a gift that can show a little flare, especially if you are looking in the right place… Pretty Green of course! Our range showcases fine goods from all around Australia, making a Christmas hamper a wonderful way to spread some Aussie spirit! Don’t expect a hefty price either, some of our best are under $100!

#2 Something homemade delivered to their door

Get crafty! You can put that mind to use and impress your loved one with a handmade goodie. If they have a sweet tooth, you could spend a day in the kitchen and bake them a special sweet treat. Such a gift would pair perfectly with a tea hamper, giving the recipient no choice but to invite you over and enjoy the goodies. Or maybe you could try your sewing skills. Create a lush eye mask for you self-care queen bestie and top it off with a pamper hamper.
#3 Create a unique experience

Sometimes, finding a gift for a loved one can be tough when they aren’t all that into physical things or have a gift wish list. So, why not give them the gift of a special experience! Perhaps a glamping trip or a night at the open-air cinema! You can make this gift a two-for by pairing it with a Christmas hamper that includes picnic or camping favourites. Browse our Christmas hamper collection and take it with you to enjoy on the experience.

Christmas Hampers really are the best option for the whole family

Are you ready to start your search for ‘best Christmas hampers Australia’? Stop right there because here’s the answer: Pretty’ Green’s Christmas hampers!  

Not to toot our own horn, but Pretty Green boasts some of the most brilliantly curated Christmas hampers in Australia! With collections of some of the best locally produced Australian products, our Christmas hamper range is just the answer to your financial woes. 

At Pretty Green, we understand that just because you are trying to limit your spending, does not mean that you are willing to skip out on quality and more importantly sustainability. So, if you are looking to impress for less, here are some of our cost-friendly Christmas hampers...and all under $100!

Prancer Christmas Hamper $80

Perfect for those who love a hot summer night in Australia, with a spritz in hand of course! 

Prancer Christmas Hamper Cheese Board 2020


Cupid Christmas Hamper $60

A collection of sweet treats for those who enjoy baking Christmas goodies.

Cupid Christmas food hamper 2020


Vixen Christmas Hamper $70

A fitting gift for anyone that lives for a relaxing pamper session.

Vixen vegan Christmas hamper 2020


Comet Christmas Hamper $80

Ideal for your aunty who is all about traditional Christmas flavours. 

Comet Champagne Christmas Hamper 2020

Elf Apprentice Christmas Hamper $40

Know anyone with a sweet tooth? This hamper is made for them!

Santa’s Little Helper Christmas hamper $40

A wonderful way to show your neighbour some Christmas joy with sweet treats from around Australia.


Shopping on a budget this Christmas season does not have to interfere with your gift-giving abilities, so what are you waiting for?

Ready to get those gifts sorted? Order our Christmas hampers now! We have plenty to choose from, so have a browse through our Christmas hampers range here.