Give the Gift of Sustainability This Christmas

Give the Gift of Sustainability This Christmas

What is sustainable gifting? 

When it comes to gifting, it can be difficult to find the right gift to suit the various niches that individuals have an interest in. However, with more and more people becoming mindful and changing their behaviours to be more sustainable, we have another factor to consider when searching for the perfect gift. Enter, sustainable gifting. It is gifting that makes you feel warm and fuzzy while helping the community. This eco-conscious way of gifting is idyllic, as it can involve various elements of sustainability, from the product supplier, all the way through to the packaging and delivery! You can gift sustainably for any occasion, whether it be a congratulatory, birthday, or Christmas gift basket!

How to gift sustainably

If you’re considering Christmas gift baskets for your mates this year and are questioning how to gift sustainably, then you’re off to a noble start! Here are a few components that you should keep an eye out for when searching for a sustainable gift box.

Choose local 

Help out the little guys! Choosing to shop locally and at small or independent businesses is a sure-fire way to gift sustainably. You will be helping out and supporting small businesses, while stumbling across unique and handcrafted goodies, like the Winestains Cheeseboard Platter. Some other treats that we are loving are the T Totaler Reusable Tea Jars as seen in our Dasher breakfast gift, and Olssons Salt Jars. Locally sourced and great home staples.

Choose reusable

Look for longevity. Single-use products are not always ideal, so you might want to search for reusable gifts or gifts that will last a while! These could include products like Mount Zero Olive’s Robust Olive Oil, or a handy picnic tool like Winestains Picnic Stake For Two. The recipient will be able to make use of the gift well into the future, plus they will be reminded of you each time that they use it!   

Wrap sustainably

They say that it’s all in the presentation, and for us, it’s all in the wrapping! Sustainable wrapping is a gamechanger. Big companies are gradually making the switch from traditional product packaging to those that take the environment into consideration. You may have previously purchased a product that was wrapped in brown paper bubble wrap, or posted in a compostable postage bag. These are wonderful ways of ensuring that a sustainable product holds up its end of the bargain. At Pretty Green, we are dedicated to sustainability, so it’s no surprise that we take our wrapping very seriously. Our products are wrapped in 100% recyclable bubble wrap, nested in compostable wood wool, and tucked into beautiful recyclable boxes! 

Offset your emissions 

Once you checkout your online cart, those orders are packed and prepared for delivery. But, after several online orders, it is easy to forget about the impact that those deliveries are having on emissions. To complete the process of gifting sustainably, it is important to consider how the several orders that you have placed will onset carbon emissions. At Pretty Green, we ensure that all of our products offset your emissions through the use of the delivery service, Sendle. Being the first shipping service in Australia that is 100% carbon neutral, it was clear that Sendle was the perfect match for our sustainable philosophy and the perfect way to deliver your gifts safely and consciously.


Sustainable wine holder by Winestains

Why should you gift sustainably?

The philosophy at Pretty Green is very simple; support those who create wholesome and delicious food and drink locally by hand, with their unique original recipes and ideas. We believe that food doesn’t have to travel a million miles to end up on our plates, and that sustainable gifting has benefits across the board! The products are sourced directly from those who produce them. By working with independent farmers and producers, we are helping out the little guys, as opposed to the big companies that pump out product after product. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and deliveries are clean and emission-guilt-free. Therefore, the environment can reap the benefits of our eco-conscious operations. Knowing that your Pretty Green Christmas gift basket has been sustainably produced, sourced, packed, delivered, and gifted, means that you truly can have your cake and eat it too. 

Who to gift sustainably to this Christmas 2020?

So, Christmas is kind of soon! But there’s no need to let the realisation of not having a single gift idea overwhelm you— begin with the goal of a sustainable Christmas! A Christmas gift basket could be the perfect way to show that you are thinking of your loved ones, and Pretty Green has you covered. Not sure who would appreciate an organic gift basket? Anyone who enjoys tasty treats, and smooth drops of wine will love your thoughtful gift. Those who practice sustainable behaviours would definitely appreciate the choice of a sustainable gift basket, and those who aren’t yet all that sustainable may be inspired to change their ways and start to source products locally. 

A sustainable gift basket is a wonderful way to show your nearest and dearest that you care about them, and choosing one that suits their personal taste will put a smile on their face. Especially, during these tough and strange times. With this year’s disruptions and changes to travel, you might not have been able to see your friends and family for quite some time. Is your sister in another state? Or maybe you’re abroad and want to send your family a special gift? Our cleverly named range of reindeer Christmas gift baskets are a merry way to send a gift basket to your family in Australia. And to top it off, Pretty Green writes handwritten notes on all gifts, so you can add a heartfelt message at the checkout! So, have a Pretty Green Christmas this year and give the gift of sustainability.


If you want to join our efforts to support Australian businesses and look after our planet, aim for a sustainable Christmas! Check out our Christmas Gift Boxes and find the perfect sustainable gift. Be sure to place your orders soon and in time for Christmas—we all know that the post isn’t always on time, especially during COVID!