Christmas Hamper Ideas For Every Member of the Extended Family

Christmas Hamper Ideas For Every Member of the Extended Family


With Christmas coming up you definitely start thinking about those certain family members you’re not ready to see and not ready to shop for. At Pretty Green, we’ve helped a lot of people out with their shopping dramas, especially when they’re stuck for Christmas hamper ideas. We know how hard it can be to make sure you’re getting the perfect present, there’s just so much to choose from! 

That’s why picking a Christmas hamper is the perfect treat. Everyone loves food! And everyone also loves being gifted something totally unique and delicious that suits their tastebuds. If some certain family members are still making you nervous, or they've even got dietary requirements, then not to worry, here’s our guide to finding the perfectly suited Christmas gifts for your family so you’ll feel confident entering the family function with the best gift to put under the tree. 

Gifts for your Aunts and Uncles

Aunts and Uncles are important figures in your life and should be celebrated! Sure there are some weird ones but there are also some amazing ones out there and we’re sure Pretty Green will have some Christmas hamper ideas for any kind in between. 

Sometimes you have awesome aunts and uncles who have everything or those that you just don’t know how to stop for. Whatever the scenario we’ll definitely have some kind of Christmas hamper to give them. If your uncle is a bit of a funcle, then get them something they can have a laugh over. We’d recommend our Game Changer gift with beers, hot sauce and nutty snacks. If you need a Christmas hamper idea for your aunt, we recommend sticking to the most delicious of basics, with a handmade Christmas pudding and the Fizz in our Comet gift! Perfectly enjoyed alone or with you. 


Christmas Hot Sauce Gift

Gifts For Your Partner’s Family aka The In-Laws

No matter if this is your first Christmas with your partner’s family or your 5th, you will get nervous about making sure your present pleases. This can be a serious source of stress for a lot of people especially if you need to impress, or worse, have gotten them a gift they've disliked in the past. It is always important for your gift to make a positive impression, but you don’t want to go overboard either and make them uncomfortable! Wouldn’t it be awkward if they gave you a pair of socks and you gave them a $300 vase? 

It’s good to go simple and lovely but with a dusting of luxe. A Christmas hamper is a great idea because it’s full of goodies they will definitely enjoy, there’s no worry about this present gathering dust somewhere! For a fab Christmas hamper idea, put something in that’s a bit fun but creates a bit of atmosphere. We’re thinking a beautiful big Italian night in kit with a traditional Fettucine, robust delicious olive oil and a wholesome tomato sauce. Don’t forget about a delicious red blend to top it off! Make sure you have figured out their tastes though. If you are buying for your partner’s brother and you’re unsure if he drinks, then steer clear of any alcoholic options and go for something different like some refreshingly light alcohol-free beers. Alternatively, you can fill out our Gift Finder and we'll suggest the perfect gift for them!

Gifts For Your Sibling’s New Partner

As we just touched on, meeting the family of a new partner is always going to be intimidating but when thinking of Christmas hamper ideas, just try and put yourself in their feet! If there is a new partner coming to visit the family make sure that they’re on your present list. Imagine how nervous they’ll be and how nice it will be for them to receive a thoughtful and jam-packed Christmas hamper. 

It especially helps to get them something nice so you don’t inadvertently cause any tension at Christmas. You don’t want them to resent you because you put some gross products in their Christmas hamper idea. For example, some stale old boring biscuits? No thanks! Maybe go for something to get them to warm up to you, like Christmas themed self care hamper, an artisan blend of chilli spice or a coffee lovers gift. If you need some Christmas hamper ideas for your sibling’s partner, think about keeping the hamper a little light. You don’t have to go into all the effort to make it super personal but put in just enough unique ingredients to keep it interesting for them.


Christmas Gift for a Coffee Lover

Christmas Gifts For Cousins

If you’ve got a cousin or second cousin you haven’t seen in awhile coming to the Christmas festivities, you may be starting to try and rack your brain to see if you have any memory of what they liked or disliked! Luckily, some age groups are easy enough to categorise and we’ve got some good Christmas hamper ideas to help you shop for your uni aged first, second or even third cousins.

If they’re going to university, you can definitely make sure you’re supporting them through a (hopefully!) fun time of studying and growing. If they’ve moved away from home as well they’ll probably be a little bit unrecognisable, and you should get them a present that complements their newfound independence. You also want to make sure that your Christmas hamper idea is a little bit fun and useful. If they are in uni, then you might be able to guarantee that they’re not eating as well as they should. Then get them into healthy habits or stock their kitchen with wholesome Australian basics - from artisan salts to healthy olive oil and sensational spices. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired enough to stay away from the two-minute noodles!

Or if they’re a bit of a crammer, go for a smooth coffee Christmas hamper idea. With new deadlines to get used to mixed with newfound independence, university students may be needing a bit more perk to keep up! There’s nothing like a smooth hot cuppa of fresh or ice-cold brew to get the ball rolling for the day and this will be perfect for uni students that need a bit of help to wake up in the morning (or to stay up studying!)


Whoever you're buying for this Christmas, make sure to spoil them with their favourite flavours. Check out our full range of Christmas gifts here!