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    Okay, maybe there's a little more for Mum than there is for the new arrival. Send a selection of handmade toys for baby and organic tea and nutritious snacks for Mum.

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    Honey Delights Hamper
Choc chip tanker topper lactation cookies by Franjo's Kitchen from baby hampers
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Each handmade product in our baby hampers is made with the interests of mum and baby in mind. Celebrate with everything from lactation cookies to easy meal hampers.

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby. Whether that’s your sister, friend, cousin, colleague, neighbour, you... It’s an exciting time and we’re thrilled to be a part of the journey. Baby hampers are nothing short of special to us, we love that we can play even the smallest role in this baby’s early moments. We’ve searched far and wide for thoughtful, small-batch and delicious goodies from across the country to be paired with lovingly handmade toys and organic baby accessories. We understand fully well that baby hampers need to be of the highest quality, the safest and of course, the healthiest. At Pretty Green, we damn well ace that. 

You may be wondering (especially if you don’t have a baby yourself), what do I put in a baby hamper? Where do you buy baby hampers from? How do you even make baby hamper gifts? The answers right here, your one stop shop for all things baby-related. Pretty Green. It’s common knowledge that most new mums become more mindful about what they put in their bodies during and after pregnancy and having the responsibility of what goes in a baby’s mouth afterwards. Organic, wholesome and fresh products with no nasties is what mums are after! And luckily for you, that’s our forte. 

We believe food is always best when shared, that’s the memory maker right there. It’s sitting at a table amidst the chaos of a crying newborn, smashing spoonfuls of wholesome and farm fresh pasta in your mouths whilst taking it in turns on calming your little bundle of joy. Sounds quite glorious and magical right? It’s all part of the rollercoaster, and we’re here for the ride. If we can do our part on making the lives of new parents that little bit easier, then we allow ourselves to give us a pat on the back. That’s why all our gifts are carefully handpicked by us and handcrafted by Australian families. 

On that note, a baby hamper isn’t just for a newborn upon arrival. There’s baby hampers for baby showers, boys, girls, gender-neutral, twins and even ones just for mums and dads that you need to think about too! We’ve made sure to make our gifts different from the rest. Besides, she’s received more flowers that she could have ever wanted in one. Let’s get more creative! After 9 months without drinking, we reckon a baby hamper with one of our small batch wines or champagne would go down like a treat. Or maybe give a hand with grocery shopping essentials? We know new mums can get so busy trying to adjust to this new chapter, so we’ve done our bit with lessening the load. A gift of wholesome, kitchen essentials anyone? Perhaps a gift full of 100% natural, easy to make meals would be more her thing? Done. 

From delicious vegan lactation choc chip cookies to soothing, non-toxic rosy bath milks to calming lemon and ginger loose leaf teas, and every-in-between. Our baby hampers are designed to make new mums and their babies feel good with nurturing and caring products that just ooze love. We’ve got all their dietary needs covered, from vegan to gluten free and all that good stuff in-between. And if you can’t exactly find what you’re looking for, then the Gift Builder is your friend. Here you can make and create your own baby hampers for that little extra personal touch. Colour coding is one of our favourite features. You can always shoot us a message if you’re feeling stuck, and we’ll give expert advice on what would be the best fit!

At Pretty Green, we believe that every time you buy a product, you’re choosing the type of world you want to live in. That’s why all our products are from local producers and families, because we believe in a future where Australians support each other more rather than having food that needs to travel millions of miles just to arrive in our supermarkets. We really value our relationships with these small businesses and passionate farmers, and we can’t wait to share that with you. No more average presents of wasteful balloons and boring chocolate. Say hello, to sustainably fresh pantry essentials and unique chocolates in funky packaging. You know what else? All of our gifts are carefully hand wrapped in recyclable packaging and safely packed in wood wool into a colourful 100% biodegradable box. Take your pick from yellow, pink or green leaves to suit whichever bundle of joy your baby hamper might be for.