Small Batch Gift Hampers from Brisbane and the Thoughtful Queensland Producers Behind Them

Small Batch Gift Hampers from Brisbane and the Thoughtful Queensland Producers Behind Them


Sending gift hampers is fast becoming all the rage as they are a unique way to show your appreciation in the workplace. There are many different kinds of gift hampers in Brisbane out there, but when gifting to those you work with, you have to make sure you’re sending the right message. There is so much to offer in Australia and Queensland when it comes to small-batch food and drinks, and if you’re looking to impress with your gift hamper, make sure you include ingredients that showcase what the recipient’s average supermarket is missing. Who doesn’t like getting something new and unique?

You want to make sure you’re including products that will be proudly put on their cupboard shelves and not hidden away for when they’re desperate! And you want to start a conversation in their household, maybe even get them into something they never knew they liked before. This is where a product with a great story comes in.

There are some incredible stories behind the unique products we stock in our gift hampers. Our ethos lies in handcrafted, wholesome food created by families for families. Selecting products with stories is important for your professional relationships. If you select something with a bit of story behind it, the extra effort put into including those products will show more appreciation and also provide an opportunity to learn a bit more about current issues. 

Currently, in Australia, there are some trailblazing producers finding unique ways to make a difference with their products. Ugly Duck Fine Foods and Sobah both from Queensland, are two Australian producers who are using their products to educate and contribute to their environment and communities. Include products with stories for your gift hampers for Brisbane to show support for local producers and the amazing work they’re doing!

Which Queensland producers should I support?

Ugly Duck Fine Foods

Ugly Duck was born to join in the fight against wasted fresh produce and draws from its heritage of family jam-makers to create genius and delicious solutions to the food waste problem. 

Every year in Australia a huge 298kg of food is wasted per person which makes us the fourth-highest food-wasting country globally. All of this food will usually end up in the landfill, where it decomposes and releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Globally, almost half of all fruit and vegetables are wasted and in 2017, 795,000 tonnes of fruit produced in Australia was rejected at a farm level. 

This rejection is because most retailers will reject any fruit or vegetable that is a non-standard size, shape or colour. In order to prevent this unnecessary wastage, Ugly Duck has come up with a delicious solution. They believe that food should not be wasted and so they source their ingredients direct, gathering the imperfect and surplus produce which was rejected. They then craft a distinctive and special range of chutneys, fruit spreads, relishes and fruit pastes and many of which have won prestigious awards for quality and taste. To top it all off it’s all cooked from scratch in small batches with absolutely no nasties, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

For your gift hamper in Brisbane if you’re picking out some Ugly Duck, we recommend the Ugly Duck signature spread, nectarine turmeric fruit spread. Made with fresh turmeric and juicy nectarines, it’s a winner on yoghurt, toast or even as a marinade for your Sunday roast. 

Plum jam made by Ugly Duck fine foods in Brisbane


Another brand doing their bit for their local community in Queensland is Sobah. This company is breaking down the stigma of socialising by making a truly unique tasting non-alcoholic craft beer. It’s their aim to raise cultural awareness and promote Aboriginal arts, language and history through the Sobah range. We spoke them more about their incredible work here

All ingredients and knowledge are ethically sourced and they are proudly Aboriginal owned and led. Australia’s first non-alcoholic craft beer company, Sobah was born from a desire for providing a better choice to those who are not drinking. They have a real passion for wellbeing and support organisations and programs that work in ways to help people and communities surrounding the space of mindful drinking and sobriety, as well as healthy living. 

One delicious non-alcoholic Sobah beer you can include in your gift hamper for Brisbane is the Lemon Aspen Pilsner. A fruity non-alcoholic craft beer created with native lemon aspen that naturally occurs in Far North Queensland. Based on the Czech Pilsner, this brew oozes fresh, citrusy aromas and flavours. Made for those who love a good brew.

Sobah beers made in Brisbane


Whether you're supporting producers from Brisbane, those from Perth or even the Tablelands in far north Queensland, each of our producers is hand selected and ooze passion for their produce. And you can get all of our hampers delivered straight to your door across Australia - carbon neutral!