Hey Couch Potato... Here's How You Can Avoid Going to the Shops to Buy Gifts this Christmas

Hey Couch Potato... Here's How You Can Avoid Going to the Shops to Buy Gifts this Christmas

Do you hate buying Christmas gifts at the shops?

The couch potato. In the past, being labelled as such was generally considered an insult. But, nowadays, this breed of human is growing at an exceedingly fast rate!

However, this personality trait has a downfall, and with Christmas creeping up on us, the shortage of motivation to search through shops for the perfect gifts is definitely lacking. Don’t fret just yet couch potatoes, Pretty Green has a solution: Christmas baskets or hampers could be just the answer you’re looking for! 

Have you been titled ‘Couch Potato’ in 2020?

You’re not the only one. This year has changed a lot of things. Masks are a must, social distancing is the new norm, and some of our favourite activities are no longer possible. So, it’s no surprise that even the most motivated and energetic of us have become accustomed to living on the couch and depleting snacks from the pantry. You have binged an unknown number of Netflix series, and even re-watched a few. You are all about cosiness and being present in the comfiest of moments.

Although, the modest couch potato may need to start thinking about the future, particularly, Christmas. Things need to be planned— the Christmas menu, Secret Santa gifts, decorations, and the oh-so-important stocking gifts for family, friends and work colleagues. You need to head out into the world and begin organising. But let’s be real, your go-to move is to do a ‘Christmas baskets’ Google search. Good call.

Buying your Christmas gifts online instead of visiting the shops?

Whether it’s due to past experiences, or the lack of social interaction that 2020 has allowed for, shopping centres could seem like an intense and overwhelming place, not to mention social distancing sometimes going amiss. Just think about all of those crazed shoppers charging through aisles, sorting through racks and hassling retail workers, all to find the right gift.

If the idea of this is making your head spin, then fire up that laptop because this year you’re doing your Christmas shopping online, all from the safety of your couch. Bliss. 

Do we even need to convince you to shop online this Christmas?

It is the ultimate guilty pleasure for a couch potato. It is the fuss-free way of treating yourself and your nearest and dearest. But, if you are a newly labelled couch potato, you may feel a little out of character choosing to avoid stores and shop online. Here are our favourite reasons why you should join the movement:

#1 Christmas shopping online is easy and convenient

As an online shopper, you have every store available to you all at once! You don’t need to worry about wearing comfortable shoes to be able to walk laps of the shopping centres and dodge baby prams along the way.

If you’re still stuck for gifts, Christmas hampers are the way to go! Purchasing Christmas baskets online is the easiest way to gift this year. Unlike searching for knick-knacks from various stores, Christmas baskets are a collection of goodies and are super easy to order online. Especially at Pretty Green! Simply add your favourite gifts to your basket, select free gift wrapping, write a heartfelt note and we'll send your gift straight to their doorstep. 

#2 Your Christmas basket is perfectly packaged

Another dreaded aspect of gift shopping at Christmas is the wrapping. You buy wrapping paper, matching ribbons and present tags, but this is all ruined when you try to actually wrap the gift. There are tabs, frayed ribbon ends, and bits of sticky tape pointing in every direction. 

A gift that’s purchased online—or should we say a Christmas basket that’s purchased from Pretty Green, is so perfectly packed and wrapped that you'll be earning brownie points before you know it. Plus, if you’re planning a sustainable Christmas, Pretty Green’s carbon neutral delivery is the perfect option.  

#3 It’s conveniently delivered Australia-wide

The cherry on top is the delivery. When ordering Christmas baskets online, couch potatoes are liberated from having to do the dreaded visits with distant friends or relatives, that they only see once a year to exchange gifts. 

It’s also extremely convenient, as you can give Christmas baskets to those that are geographically out of reach. Pretty Green Christmas baskets deliver Australia wide and internationally. The baskets are delivered straight to the recipients' door with a handwritten card to show some extra love.

But what about delivery cut-off times for Christmas 2020?

As much as we'd love to be, we're not quite as magical as Father Christmas. Our cut off times for guaranteed Christmas delivery are as follows. Whilst you can order after the cut off times, we cannot guarantee your gifts will be delivered in time for Christmas Day.

Alternatively, you can select 'local pick up' at the cart and pick up your gift right from our warehouse in Brookvale, Sydney. 

  • 3 December - WA, Far North QLD, interstate regional areas and remote locations
  • 14 December - Interstate metro areas and NSW regional areas
  • 17 December - Same City Sydney Metro

Christmas basket ideas for him, for her, for your boss or the in-laws

Pretty Green is the one-stop-shop for Christmas baskets. We have a brilliant Christmas range that showcases some of Australia’s best, locally produced products. And support small businesses across Australia during one of the toughest years of their lives. Here’s a little insight into what’s inside and who would appreciate them.

  • Is there a special someone that is a particular espresso martini connoisseur? Our Dancer Christmas basket could be just the right gift. Complete with the ingredients and tools to create their favourite cocktail with a macadamia and cinnamon twist!

    Espresso Martini Cocktail Christmas Hamper 2020

    • Do you have a friend that regularly partakes in a little self-care? Then the Vixen Vegan Christmas basket is right up their alley! With Jasmine bath salts and other soothing goodies, they will be fully equipped for the perfect pamper session to get ready for all the Christmas celebrations.

      Self-Care Vegan Christmas Hamper

      • Do you know someone who is an adventurous snacker with a sweet tooth? Our Comet Christmas basket has their name all over it! Gingerbread Salted Caramel, need we say more?

        Comet Champagne Christmas Hamper

          • Is there someone new in your life that deserves some appreciation, or even as a kids Christmas gift? The Santa’s Little Helper Christmas basket is a fitting gift! It’s just the right sweet, little collection of snacks to show that you care. 

            Are you ready to shop online this Christmas and get all your Christmas shopping for all the family done in a single night, so what are you waiting for? Don’t add ‘forgetful’ to your ‘couch potato’ status, organise your 2020 Christmas baskets asap.

            It's almost December, don’t let weeks fly by. Get those gifts sorted and explore all of our delectable, small-batch and Australian Christmas baskets range here.