Christmas During a Global Pandemic: The Best Christmas Hampers Delivered 2020

Christmas During a Global Pandemic: The Best Christmas Hampers Delivered 2020

We’re sure that we don’t have to remind you that 2020 has been a tough year. But, things are looking up because Christmas 2020 is just around the corner! If you’re panicking a little or beginning to feel overwhelmed, take a second. Don’t freak out just yet. Take this strange time to explore your options. Maybe this Christmas you could start to think of ways to make the holiday particularly special. Perhaps with new traditions, baking treats, and ordering Christmas hampers full of seasonal goodies!

How Christmas 2020 is going to be different with COVID-19?

We have had to make many sacrifices this year, a major one being our ability to spend time with our loved ones. But with the new year fast approaching, Christmas might be just the thing that we need to survive this crazy year. Although some of your usual traditions may still be possible, Christmas is going to be rather different this year.

Christmas is usually a time to be grateful for what you have and appreciate the people in your life. You may have had a particularly rough time in isolation, so really try to make the most of the upcoming holiday season. Try to keep in touch with your loved ones, whether that be through one-on-one socially distanced catch ups, Zoom calls, or in regular pre-COVID settings (if you’re lucky!) 

For those of you who are expecting to celebrate Christmas differently this year, consider how you could show your appreciation for your friends and family, no matter the distance between you. Christmas gifts with thought and careful consideration are usually the ones that bring a smile to someone’s face. A Christmas hamper could be a wonderful way to spread some joy to your nearest and dearest. At Pretty Green, we have an endless range of Christmas hampers that could please the fussiest person you know. 

Our Christmas hamper 2020 collection is the ideal COVID-Christmas gift for all the family because they support Australian businesses. And what better time to support your locals than after a year of financial and employment hardships. 


What are the benefits of buying online?

It’s safe to say that we have all become a little accustomed to online shopping throughout 2020, but we may have neglected to notice the benefits of buying online as opposed to braving the shopping centre crowds, especially throughout December.

#1 No hassle

Unlike visiting a shopping centre and trekking back and forth between stores to compare almost identical items, online shopping makes your buying experience oh so easy. You can have as many browser tabs open as you like, compare products, read buyer reviews, and score the occasional online discount. Living internationally? With Pretty Green, you can easily purchase and send Christmas hampers to Australia! Although, there’s one little COVID-hiccup to keep in mind when buying online: beware of longer shipping times!


#2 No time constraints

Buying online results in less time at the shops. As much as we enjoy buying a special gift for a special someone, the hours wasted in stores can make you feel exhausted. Online shopping can be done in the comfort of your home, and after hours! So, there’s no need to worry about rushing through peak hour traffic, after working all day, to dig through whatever is left on the store shelves. With online buying, there aren’t any obstacles to stop you from making a purchase… except that pesky WIFI connection.


#3 No geographical limits

Have you ever been stuck with a gift after weeks into the new year, because you never got around to seeing that old family friend? Buying online is your safest bet to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. You can send the gift directly to their home address, which adds another element of surprise when they receive an unexpected postal delivery. Pretty Green allows you to send Christmas hampers to Sydney, Melbourne, or to wherever your friends and family live, even when in isolation! 


#4 Best of all: No Aussie business neglect

Has COVID motivated you to focus on supporting local businesses? Buying online means that you have access to the many Aussie businesses, who may have suffered during COVID, at your fingertips! At Pretty Green, we stock only Australian produced goods, so purchasing any of our Christmas hampers would mean that you're supporting several Australian businesses in one shot making your Christmas way more sustainable in more ways than one! 



Which Christmas hamper is the perfect choice?

So, are you considering purchasing a Christmas hamper or two? Are you about to search Christmas hampers online, but have no idea where to begin? Not to brag, but here at Pretty Green we have some of the most cleverly curated and named Australian gifts! Ranging in prices we’re sure you’ll find the perfect Christmas hamper for the extra special people in your life! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Gift your gin-loving mate a Rudolph Christmas hamper, complete with a bottle of Christmas pudding gin and some mini mixers— so they can jump right in and pour themselves a glass.


Rudolph Gin Christmas Gift from Pretty Green
  • For the breakfast loving family you know and cherish, the Dasher hamper could be just what they need. Especially if they love pancakes!
Dasher Christmas Breakfast Hamper from Pretty Green

  • Know someone with a love for fizz and charcuterie fine foods? The Prancer Christmas hamper could be just right, with bubbles and cheese board delectables.


Prancer Champagne Christmas Hamper from Pretty Green
  • That little, sweet cousin of yours would love the sweet Elf Apprentice hamper. Featuring a jar of gingerbread salted caramel, yum!


How to make it personal?

After a year of surviving isolation and limited socialising, making a gift personal has never meant so much. Whether you live internationally, interstate, or in a restricted kilometre radius, we’re sure you would like to put a little extra love into your gifts and make them personal this Christmas.


With an extensive range of categories and filters, Pretty Green allows you to make your gift hamper personal from the beginning of your shopping experience. You can browse our offerings by categories including gifts by recipient, price, and interest. Otherwise, jump straight into the Christmas Hampers tab, and you will find plenty of options to choose from. You can also add on extras to your hamper order, to really match the recipient's taste.


To top it off, each Pretty Green Christmas hamper includes a hand written card, that you can personalise at checkout. So, prepare that heart-felt, tear-jerking, laugh-inducing message, and spread the joy this Christmas!


Are you ready to get your Christmas gift shopping sorted? Avoid the mid-December freak-out and order your Pretty Green hampers now! Check out our complete Christmas Hamper 2020 range here.