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    Shop by ethos and find the perfect gift for her from women led businesses. Gift hampers that support strong Australian women creating delicious produce.

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Interested in supporting incredible businesses led solely by strong women? Look no further than our women-led hampers. Lovingly crafted and deliciously handmade right here in Australia.

At Pretty Green, we believe where you cast your vote is fundamental when choosing your gift. Which is why we encourage you to shop by ethos. This means that when you buy a gift hamper - be it for a birthday, Christmas or new baby - you’re putting your money towards what you believe in. Giving back to the community, environment, education and fair work means a lot to us, which is why we’ve created a range of gifts by women led businesses that make it easy for you to support the causes you feel most passionate about. 

Every occasion is an opportunity to send a gift by women led businesses and with Pretty Green, your recipient will get a tasty box of Australian made goodies that make you feel good about giving back and make them feel ecstatic about their delicious hamper! Everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift, but it’s even more special when you know you’ve purchased something that will truly make a difference. 

Why support women led businesses?

If you’re an advocate for feminism and support strong, Australian women taking on the small business industry, then buying one of our hamper curated entirely from women led businesses makes the perfect gift for your mum, sister, best friend or daughter. 

Alternatively, if you’re a women led business yourself, gifting a hamper from exclusively women led businesses ensures you align with your business values and vision. Shopping by ethos from our huge selection of delicious produce by women led businesses makes the perfect Christmas hamper gift, or onboarding gift for new employees. 

Some of our favourite women led businesses

Our women led businesses feature a huge variety of foodie goodness - from one pot wholesome rices and couscous to handmade jams and even biscuits for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not to mention delicious chocolates - some of our favourite made by Hey Tiger. Based in Melbourne, these handmade do-good chocolates have a huge social impact and the business is run by Cyan T’aeed. An incredible woman who not only supports charities and women in the cocoa farming industry, but is also a huge role model herself. From the packaging to the actual making of the chocolate, amazing women are involved at every stage. And you better believe they’re passionate about chocolate! 

Another of our producers who runs an incredible women led business is Rosie, the one woman show from Mailer & McGuire Kombucha. She does everything from brewing her minimal intervention kombucha, to attending farmers markets every weekend to spread the kombucha goodness. Rosie makes it so easy to want to support women led businesses from Australia - it’s just a no brainer. 

We believe that when you make a purchase, you’re casting a vote for the world you want to live in. Changing your gifting habits and sending a gift from our women led businesses range not only means you get to gift a beautiful hamper filled with delicious Australian made goodies, but you’re also supporting women producers who are doing incredible work across Australia. Making your mindful gift not only a little more thoughtful, but meaningful too. Why not choose to make a difference today?