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    The smokiest of BBQ rubs, the spiciest of hot sauces and the craftiest of beers to gift your Dad at any occasion.
  • Mystery Melbourne Care Package
    Mystery Melbourne Care Package
  • On The Rocks
    On The Rocks
  • The Negroni Effect
    The Negroni Effect
  • Chilli King
    Chilli King
  • Wine O'Clock
    Wine O'Clock
  • Spice Envy
    Spice Envy
  • Kombucha Queen
    Kombucha Queen
  • Get Barreled
    Get Barreled
  • You Had Me At Margarita
    You Had Me At Margarita
  • Summer In The City
    Summer In The City
  • Spice Master's Grill
    Spice Master's Grill
  • Just Chillin'
    Just Chillin'
Pretty Green


Turn the tables and spoil your old man for once with a delicious cocktail hamper, a new hot sauce collection or a spicy BBQ pack. He deserves it for putting up with you for years after all. Don't you think?

Getting presents for Dad can be notoriously difficult. They don’t want to say what they want but they also claim they are happy with nothing, which you usually don’t believe! You’re usually left wondering what he could possibly want. Fortunately, we at Pretty Green know that everyone loves good food and drinks and that’s what’s in each of our hampers for dad. So why not indulge your dad or fatherly figure with some incredibly delicious small-batch goodies in a hamper for dad. 

If your dad is a bit of a whisky drinker, then get him a deliciously decadent whisky hamper. Get him up to some Whisky Business with our hampers for dad which include a rich fusion of fine rye whisky in an Old Fashioned cocktail and package it up with some delicious treats and accessories, like a sphere ice tray for the perfect after-hours sip. A perfect hamper for dad to remind him that it’s cool he’s a little old fashioned. 

Your dad might be a bit of a sophisticated wine and spread lover instead. In which case you have to get him something perfectly paired. We would recommend a punchy Wine O’clock package, perfect for him to tuck into on the weekend. This grape infused pack of delicious includes a bold wine, a sweet and strong wine conserve and a delicious jam, all perfect for dad’s wine and cheese moment. The ultimate wine lovers gift as far as hampers for dad goes. 

If your dad doesn’t drink alcohol, then we can easily swap in something else. Perhaps a special release kombucha with lip-smacking fruity notes. Or a non-alcoholic Pilsner beer oozing fresh citrusy aromas and flavours. Having a drink at the end of the busy day or at the start of a party or anywhere between is something that any dad can enjoy. 

If your dad is a bit of a chocoholic, then get him a Choc-o-block hamper filled with some delicious chocolate. If you purchase the wonderful Hey Tiger Chocolate, not only will your dad be sent into a flavour overdrive but you’ll be shopping sustainably too. Every purchase of Hey Tiger Chocolate helps to support a fair chocolate industry with proceeds going towards The Hunger Project. Sustainable hampers for Dad? Sorted. 

Maybe your dad is a bit of a zen master or likes a bit of calming yoga. Go for wholesomely calming options in our hampers for dad, get some aromatic tea and a little bit of incense for a lovely quiet moment. He might appreciate it even more if he’s got someone like you giving him stress!