What To Include In A Chocolate Gift Basket

What To Include In A Chocolate Gift Basket

Sometimes, we want to spoil someone and show them our appreciation with a special gift. But, when appreciation comes with a large price tag, spoiling them can put quite a dent in your wallet. That’s why a homemade gift is always a winner, especially a DIY chocolate gift basket.

Let’s face it, chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser. So, to receive a basket full of chocolate treats would be a dream come true for anyone.

If you’re thinking of having a crack at a DIY chocolate gift basket, you may want to start thinking about what you would like to include. There are so many different chocolate treats that would be perfect for such a gift. But, if you aren’t sure where to start, then here at Pretty Green, we have some ideas that any sweet tooth will appreciate

Chocolate Cookies

They come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why cookies are the ultimate chocolate treat! There’s triple chocolate, choc-nut, classic choc-chip, and many more. Then there are soft-centred, crunchy, half-baked, chewy, and other variations. The beauty of a cookie is that it is such a versatile treat; it can be crumbled over a cake, used as the outer layers of an ice cream sandwich, or simply dunked into a cold glass of milk.

The 'Cookie Dreams' gift basket is just that, a dream! If you can’t decide on which cookies to include in a chocolate basket, this hamper includes Aussie-made cookies by Kookas Natural

Chocolate Spreads

They’re smooth, crunchy, creamy, and oh-so-delicious. Chocolate spreads are a saving grace for any sweet tooth because they are an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast! You can spread it on toast, pancakes, waffles, or simply eat it by the spoonful

Chocolate Nuts

It is the perfect pair, and we are all for it. Chocolate nuts are the tasty bite-sized treat that works well in any circumstance. Whether they are scattered along a gazing board, mixed with dried fruit, or served along-side a nightcap, the delicious little morsels are chocolatey-crunchy that needs to be included in a gift basket. Which is why the 'In The Cosmos' basket will give your friend the gift of a classic cocktail and chocolatey snack.

Otherwise, the 'Afternoon Delight' gift basket is the perfect chocolate bundle, including a choc cacao spread and some chocolate covered macadamias!

Chocolate Drinks

Chocolate in liquid form, yes, please! A chocolate milkshake is a nostalgic drink that brings us back to our childhood. Although, a hot chocolate, even better! Add a tin of hot chocolate mix, some marshmallows, and some dusting cocoa, and your gift basket recipient will be fully prepared to make the soul-soothing drink.

The 'Hot Chocaholic' gift basket will be the boujee beverage that your friend never knew that they needed. There is Persian fairy floss and some Hey Tiger chocolate, yum!

Chocolate Blocks

Sure, there are fancy truffles and jumbo novelty candy bars, but nothing beats a humble chocolate block. They are there for you through the good times and the bad, when you’re watching your favourite movie with friends, or when you’re feeling and eating your feelings, it’s always there. 

When you can’t pick between which chocolate block favours to include in your chocolate basket, give the 'Simply Cacao' basket a go! Bahen & Co have supplied us with a range of delicious and interesting flavour combos, that are definitely worth trying.

There you have it! There are plenty of chocolate goodies that would be perfect for a chocolate gift basket. So, what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to get chocolate shopping, check out Pretty Green’s full range of products and gift baskets here.