Why Good Vegan Gifts are so Hard to Find in Australia and How Pretty Green is Switching Up the Christmas Gift Hamper Game in Australia

Why Good Vegan Gifts are so Hard to Find in Australia and How Pretty Green is Switching Up the Christmas Gift Hamper Game in Australia


What is harder than enduring a global pandemic in 2020? Being a vegan, you say? Exactly. Just kidding. Luckily for Aussies, it’s becoming easier to voice out your dietary requirements without the hesitation and working up a sweat when ordering. You’re about to be exposed to the presumed difficulties of being a vegan in Australia and how that can be rebutted by the time you finish reading this article. We’ll help you find the perfect treats and Christmas Gift Hampers in Australia this Christmas and show you why you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy all this ‘plant-based’ goodness nor does it confine you into a box. Shopping vegan shouldn’t be a chore anymore. The year is 2020 - everybody deserves the gift of empathy. (Especially vegans)

Why are more Australian's choosing to shop vegan? 

There are around 500,000 vegans in Australia – meaning 2% of our population and counting. If you’re into numbers, we might add that there are almost 2.5 million Australians whose diet is all or almost vegetarian and almost 10 million Aussies who are eating less red meat. Planning a Christmas barbie? Maybe check on your mates to see if they’re still keen. Veganism is defined as a ‘philosophy’ and ‘lifestyle’ that excludes exploiting and cruelty of animals for food, clothing and everything in between. Yeah, we know, we thought it was a fleeting trend too along with ordering ‘gluten-free pizzas’…  It turns out that your vegan friend isn’t just annoying for no reason, but actively contributing to a more sustainable environment such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the suffering on animals and wanting to improve their health nutritionally, to name a few of the many benefits. At Pretty Green, we too, find our philosophy of conscious consumerism, sustainability and buying from Australian producers resonates with our vegan friends. Because we love you, we’re sharing our favourite vegan producers to give you an idea of how cool your vegan friends really are.

Where can I find good vegan produce?

At Pretty Green, we don’t discriminate but if you are 100% made in Australia, eco-conscious and support local producers, you can DEFINITELY sit with us.

Mr. Consistent

Time to wind down with this DIY vegan cocktail range. You heard correctly – you don’t have to choose from a list of two because the whole drinks list is yours. He’s got Bloody Mary, Margarita, Cosmo and Sangria mixers as well as catering for whiskey and rum drinkers. Come and shake your cocktail feather this way…


Mr Consistent Vegan Margarita Cocktail Mix

Lori and her Wholesome Pantry 

Snack times don’t have to be restricted. Lori has all your spreads sorted with her gluten-free, vegan friendly, 100% organic watermelon seed butter. You’ll soon forget peanuts and quickly shift your midnight cravings to the choc cacao, cinnamon spiced and salted caramel spreads!

Five of the best vegan hampers to gift this Christmas:

So, the day has arrived where you brace yourself on your couch – wine (or bottle) in hand, and you begin your Christmas shopping for the year. Maybe the fam here at Pretty Green are being a bit too generous, but we’ve catered our gifts for every personality type. Not just you and your mood swings, but also Rob’s.

Vegan gift hamper for the corporate ladder climber:

Wind down over the break with this self-care pack! (Bath not included)

Vegan gift hamper for the bottomless brunch goer:

You Had Me At Margarita - need we say more?

Vegan gift hamper for the morning coffee preacher: 

Featuring the Barrel One Solera Espresso Roast Blend. You’ll be sure to jump out of bed for this one. BYO mug? Get barreled!

Vegan gift hamper for the cheesy friend we love to cringe at:

Starters are served! Just add your favourite vegan cheese and voila!

Vegan gift hamper for the happy camper with All The Gear But No Idea

Choose this for the friend with a hearty appetite and lover of nature… or the ‘gram.

What NOT to buy a vegan for Christmas - or anytime of year… 

Although there are now so many ways around vegan gifts, we give you our insight of a vegan’s do’s and don'ts. Thank us later.

NO animal-derived ingredients (including honey)

Candles made from beeswax – they can still be the bee’s knees with soy candles

Any of glycerin, lanolin, carmine, stearic acid. (It takes two seconds to flip the product and see its ingredients)

Any products tested on animals

Those once classic, ‘luxury’ items: silk, fur, wool, leather, suede and cashmere. It’s all ‘faux’ now, baby. Just don’t match your coat with your personality…

Bone china, pearls, feathers.

Non-vegan wine, champagne, beer or cider. (Told ya, Mr. Consistent is a good party guest)

Palm oil – some believe it isn’t vegan so just a heads up!

Last but definitely not the least… 

We get that you’re not perfect, so we’ve made a guide on how to sustainable gift wrap for any season – ensuring they will cover up any slips or non-refundable choices. 

And while we don’t get to choose the naughty or nice list, we’re pretty sure we would rank highly on the nice list. Whether you believe in Santa or not, be sure to believe in Pretty Green – with international and national carbon offset deliveries powered by Sendle’s sleigh, guaranteeing cheap, recyclable and compostable packaging. It would be disrespectful not to. Have a Pretty Green Christmas and shop our Gift range now!