To Me, From Me. Chocolate Baskets To Pamper Yourself

To Me, From Me. Chocolate Baskets To Pamper Yourself

We can often get caught up in our lives. Obligations and responsibility can take control and, as a result, we forget to take care of ourselves. At Pretty Green, we are here to tell you that enough is enough. It’s time to light some candles, get out the chocolate and baskets of nail polish, and give yourself a pamper session. 

If dedicating a day to yourself sounds a little foreign to you, you may not be too sure on where to begin. So, here are some ways to make sure that your pamper day is enjoyed to its fullest potential.

  1. Set the scene

Step one is to create a warm and welcoming environment. Some things to ensure a peaceful and cosy setting, are music and lighting. These are both crucial influencers when it comes to determining our moods. Light some candles, put on a soothing Spotify playlist and make sure that no one else will be clunking around the house. Let the serenity begin.

  1. Start from the top

What areas need attention? It’s easy, just start from the top; your head. This might involve a deep conditioning hair mask, a pore cleanse, a clay mask, and a rose quartz face roll. From there, you can move onto a bath, a manicure, a foot soak, there are so many options!

  1. Time for a brew

Because what says self-care like a pot of herbal tea? Brew your favourite kind, grab your favourite mug or cup and saucer, and soothe your soul with each sip.

  1. Get crafty

It’s time to do something that you enjoy. Maybe the puzzle you bought months ago is yet to be opened? Or perhaps your art supplies are collecting dust? Whatever your hobby is, allow yourself to spend an hour or two enjoying your favourite pastime. 

  1. At-home theatre

Your body is completely relaxed, which means it’s time to cosy up on the couch and watch a feel-good Netflix film. If movies aren’t your thing, then grab a book and get lost in its pages.

  1. Serotonin time

It’s one of the best scientific facts out there: chocolate produces a mood-boosting chemical substance in our bodies, called serotonin. It’s time to give a little self-care to your stomach, so grab the chocolate baskets from the pantry and enjoy each sweet morsel for its cocoa goodness. A block and some cookies will surely do the trick.

Are you enjoying treating yourself?

Why stop there? Creating your at-home bliss is important to relax and revitalise, but self-care should not be limited to one day only. It’s time to take the ‘To Me, From Me’ notion quite literally, and send yourself a gift!

Pretty Green has some wonderful chocolate baskets, hampers, and products that will take ‘treating yourself’ to a whole other level.

  •     The Sweet Escape chocolate basket: Cookies, popcorn and chocolate. What a sweet and perfect combination!
  •     The Hot Chocoholic chocolate basket: Because a store-bought packet of hot chocolate mix isn’t enough. This hamper takes the chocolate drink up a fancy notch.
  •     The Simply Cacao chocolate basket: For when all your craving is a selection of flavoured chocolate blocks. 
  •     The Afternoon Delight chocolate basket: The name says it all. This basket is the ideal, sweet, little afternoon pick-me-up. 

Need something a little stronger?

If it’s been crazy and work and you’re thirsty for a cocktail or glass of wine to compliment those chocolate baskets, we have you covered.

With a collection of baskets featuring fine wine and craft spirits that will hit the spot. When paired with a chocolate dessert plate, a rom-com marathon, and some comfy PJs, your self-care pamper day will end on a high note.

Are you ready to treat yourself? Place a request for a day off from work, cancel any needless plans or avoidable errands, and purchase your pamper supplies. Skip out on generic chocolate blocks, and check out Pretty Green’s extensive range of chocolate baskets and hampers here.