Why You Should Buy Christmas Hampers From Small-Batch Australian Businesses in 2020

Why You Should Buy Christmas Hampers From Small-Batch Australian Businesses in 2020

Looking to support small-batch producers and businesses after a tough 2020? You've come to the right place. Here we explain why and how to support your local businesses through purchasing Christmas hampers with a difference. 

Firstly, what is Small-Batch?

Small batch food production can be summed up as the act of preserving the quality and authenticity of each recipe produced when manufacturing. So even if you’re not too worried about what you’re eating, you can be sure that somebody else does! Small batch production is closely aligned to our philosophy at Pretty Green because we care about our planet, and really, so should you. By purchasing any of our Christmas hampers this year, you’d be automatically on the nice list for contributing to the many benefits of small batch production! We bet you didn’t think saving the planet would taste this good hey?! 

Why shop our small batch Christmas hampers?

When you buy small batch, you’ll soon realise it’s the small things that count at the end of the day. And when say small, we mean quality over quantity.  Here are just a few of many reasons why you should switch to small batch producers... 

Small-batch is more sustainable! How?

-   It’s all produced in Australia by Aussies. Pretty Green provides sustainable gifts that support local producers, are 100% made in Australia and are eco-conscious. 

-   It yields a smaller carbon footprint meaning less waste and machinery. It’s also easier to control measures for eco friendliness. Something we’re big on!

-   Our delivery company Sendle helps us achieve this with no carbon offset and recyclable packaging! 

-   Small batch producers usually source organic ingredients from other small batch businesses, creating an amazing cycle of sustainability. Check out more cool ways Pretty Green is staying sustainable over Christmas here 

Small-batch is NOT fast food. In fact, it’s slow food. 

-   A movement we are inspired by, Slow Food; stands for the accessibility of food that we can enjoy and which is good for those who grow it and good for the planet.

- Lockdown has taught us to pause and relax as life can get really fast. Slowing things down including the pace you eat is not just good for your physical health, but mental health. 

Small-batch spreads the love! Literally.

-   Each producer is passionate about what they do! These recipes are filled with love, care and authenticity.

-   Some producers even deliver directly to cafes and businesses like ours – meaning more face time and chit chat! We know how precious that human interaction is.

-   Many small batch producers have a story to share - and that’s mainly because they are passionate about what they do and wanted to share it with us! This way, we can trust that we are receiving quality over quantity. 

Local small-batch producers boosts our economy in more ways than one

-   By supporting small batch Australian businesses you are supporting our economy! It’s as simple as bringing back trade work, skills and more jobs for everybody! Robots, machines and computers are quicker but with speed, passion is lost in production. 

- By hiring local, workers are given fair wages and treated fairly. When products are mass-produced overseas, we really aren’t aware of their conditions. 

Pretty Green have sourced the best for your Christmas hampers 

Jam Lady Jam

We love Jam Lady Jam because it’s the perfect combination of sugar, spice and everything nice. Even the sugar is Australian! Don’t feel guilty this season as there are no preservatives or additives. Jump on board with Rudolph for your gin-loving friend, or Cupid for that hopeless romantic.

Lisa is passionate, an incredible cook and downright lovely. Which is why we love to support her jam, relish and Christmas Pudding creations hailing from the Yarra Valley in Victoria. 

Rudolph Christmas Gin hamper 2020

Misty's Salted Caramel

You’d want to quit your day job too once you try Misty’s salted caramel – it’s passion in a jar! Get your hands on Blitzen, this friend deserves to be spoilt!! Check out her recipes on what to best pair it with! 

Blitzen Christmas Hamper 2020

Maybe Sammy

When one of the world’s best 50 bar’s makes cocktails deliverable to your front door? Yes, please! Lockdown or not, get a taste of the roaring fifties with our small batch (rat) packs! Was it neat or ‘on the rocks’?

On The Rocks Cocktail Gift Hamper

Drunken Sailor 

You already know it’s gonna be a loud one! Drunken sailor embodies flavour and fun in untraditional Aussie made preserves. One man band, Justin, takes pride in premium and locally sourced ingredients. If you’re up early, you might catch him doing the rounds at your local café! If you happen to miss him, catch up later over our amazing cheese board gift or Christmas breakfast pack Dasher. He’s here for a good time not a long time!

Breakfast Christmas Hamper 2020

Hunter Candles

We promise there isn’t any other scent you’d want this Christmas. Hand poured in Newtown – yes, that’s how local our small batch products get. Besides smelling divine, their packaging is all Australian made, reusable and biodegradable! It can’t get any more true blue than that this Christmas! Try Vixen for the friend that loves to relax after a long week at the office! 

Cupid Christmas Gift 2020


 When we are deprived of simple liberties, we can’t help but look at what we have left. Aussie’s can’t deny it’s been a tough one this year. From the unfortunate fires in regional towns to the pandemic, it’s our very own small businesses who have dealt with the aftermath in more ways than one. This year has made us turn inwards to appreciate what we have around us. That can be your family or even your local cafe. When you’re working from home or can’t get to that fancy farmer’s market on the weekend - turn to Pretty Green! We deliver that fresh, local produce made by Aussie farmers and artisans to your doorstep.  

Moving into the new year, we need to remember the importance of supporting our own and appreciating what we have when it seems like there’s no hope left. Shopping small batch is a small step that contributes to our society at a large scale! Stay on Santa’s nice list every year by switching your shopping habits today! Shop Pretty, Stay Green.