How To Reach Out And Connect With Basket Delights

How To Reach Out And Connect With Basket Delights

This roller coaster of a year has been a big wake-up call! It has taught us that everyday life is precious and that things can change extremely quickly. It has taught us to appreciate our nearest and dearest and to take advantage of the time that we have together. So, it’s time to reach out and reconnect, and what better way than with Pretty Green basket delights!

In any situation, reuniting with friends and family is always a special occasion. No matter how significant the reason, when you get to reconnect with someone that you care for, you feel a sense of warmth and always leave with a smile.

Reasons to reconnect

If you aren’t sure of when it is the right time to reconnect with people in your life that you have lost touch with, or not heard from in a while, here are some reasons to schedule a virtual catch-up.

When time has passed by

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our lives—whether it be work, relationships, hobbies, or obligations. Then suddenly, weeks or months have passed by. It is in these moments that we should reach out and schedule a long, overdue catch-up with our loved ones.

When they have reached a milestone

As the years go by, our friends and family continue to achieve great things and reach special milestones. These moments should be celebrated! Is your uncle about to turn 50? Arrange a Zoom birthday party and toast to the big man’s half-century milestone. 

When something reminds you of them

Did you just drive past the cafe that you and a friend would sit at for hours drinking coffee? Or maybe you just heard the song that played on repeat when you and your mates would get ready to go out? Those feelings of nostalgia should be reason enough to FaceTime the crew and reminisce together.

When you miss them

Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

Make your catch-ups extra

Nowadays, we are all quite used to using technology to connect with people. FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, there are so many ways to chat to your nearest and dearest, from anywhere in the world—as long as you have a handle on that pesky WIFI connection.

After a year of back-to-back virtual hangouts, it can begin to feel a little repetitive. But how can you add a little flavour to your next Zoom call? Take your reunion up a notch and add a hamper or food basket to the equation!

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your next digital catch up unique and special, we have a wonderful idea! At Pretty Green, we thought that you could purchase a hamper for both you and your mate! This way, you can have reconnected while both enjoying the same treats that the hampers contain. To paint a picture for you, you could have a movie night where you both enjoy a chocolate hamper and discuss scenes over FaceTime! 

That being said, you can tailor your catch up to match your shared interest! When browsing the Pretty Green hamper range, you can filter the products to find the perfect basket delight! Perhaps you both love to cook and would adore our cooking hampers, or maybe your mutual love for self-care would appreciate a pamper hamper.

Add some Pretty Green flair

Need some more inspiration? Here are some other creative ways to reconnect in Pretty Green style: 

  • Let’s Catch Up: With a name like that, this basket of delights is sure to be suitable. Fire up FaceTime, pour some rosè, and catch up with your bestie.
  • Get Barreled: When you can’t do your usual coffee catch-ups on Saturday mornings, this basket delight is a cute substitute. The coffee lovers basket would be perfect to use for a FaceTime catch up with your latte loving mate.
  • Picture Perfect Picnic: Take your digital catch up outside, and have a picnic in separate locations. This basket allows you to reconnect in the sunshine and enjoy some bubbly.
  • One Stop Breaky: This basket would be such a delight to enjoy when you can’t meet for Sunday brunch. Use the goodies to create a picturesque breaky bowl, brew tea, and gossip over a FaceTime brunch sesh.
  • All The Gear But No Idea: This basket delight is chock a block full of the ingredients to create a flavoursome Tuscan risotto. You could both prepare the risotto during a FaceTime call so that you can cheer each other on in the kitchen and give each other your best cooking tips. Then take a seat and enjoy your hearty dinner together.
  • Comet: A Christmas themed basket would be a delight to enjoy while you reconnect during the holiday season! With a traditional pudding and some gingerbread caramel, you can have your Christmas catch up no matter the distance between you. 
  • Sweet Escape: This basket is ideal for a catch up with your sugar-loving loved one. Enjoy the sweet treats while you reconnect and bond over your shared sweet tooth.

Do you have some Zoom calls coming up? Maybe some Christmas FaceTime catch-ups? Be sure to check out the Pretty Green hamper range! You’ll have so many options to choose from that you’ll surely find some basket delights to share mates!