Give The Gift Of Gourmet Food This Christmas Without Worrying About The Christmas Rush

Give The Gift Of Gourmet Food This Christmas Without Worrying About The Christmas Rush

We are aware that due to this uncertain and hectic year that has been, it is a totally acceptable excuse to tell somebody their gift is ‘on the way’. But at the same time, we would kindly advise – do not be that person if you can avoid it! Delivery cut off dates are a real thing at Pretty Green and we wholeheartedly want you to have that perfect Christmas we all deserve this year. We mean it – and this is why a perfect Pretty Green gourmet Christmas hamper should be on the top of your wish list! With physical distancing in place, we’ve hit a new norm, but some things should never change like showing how much you truly care for your loved ones. So, without further ado, sit back in the safety and comfort of your own home and shop our gourmet Christmas hampers right here.


Why should you give a gourmet Christmas hamper?

If there’s anything each of us have reflected upon this year, it’s that the SMALL THINGS are what count. Whether it be a phone call from a friend or a small favour, we know it went a LONG way this year. Or you may have simply treated yourself to online shopping. How good is that feeling when you see the postman at your door? We think 2020 made us realise a new unfound emotion. So, wouldn’t you want somebody, a parent, cousin or work colleague to feel that same feeling? That’s what our gourmet Christmas hampers will do. We not only package and select quality, locally sourced products, but most importantly we give the gift of love. (With some neat, sustainable packaging as well!) Try to put a price on that!


Speaking of SMALL

Small-batch products does not mean a small gesture. When you give the gift of a Pretty Green gourmet Christmas hamper, be sure that the receiver and the planet will be smiling back at you. By supporting small-batch producers, you are supporting our ethos on delivering tasty, quality goods which are free from the mass-produced nasty environment of wholesale retailers. By shopping with us you’re also supporting our local economy and family businesses. That’s all we ask for this Christmas, and we’re happy to provide this choice to you too.


Which gourmet Christmas hamper should you choose?

When there’s so many options and no possibility to unfortunately grab the items out of your screen to test them just yet, it can add to the stress of your December rush. But our job is to make your December one bit easier by helping you choose! Enter Pretty Green personal sustainable gourmet Christmas hamper shopper! Yep, we made that one up on the spot, but our hampers were well-thought through, we can assure you.



He’s notorious for being hard to please. But we’re well known for being people pleasers. He’s the one seated at the head of the table and is always eager for everybody to try new dishes. He places emphasis on the saying, “the more the merrier”. Some might misunderstand him; we think he’s just got really great taste. Shotgun the “Donner” Christmas hamper for a gourmet cheese platter to start! And the “Dancer” if you predict moving some couches around to make way for him to own the D-floor. Did somebody order an Espresso Martini?



She’s the type that drops hints on what she wants to receive but never explicitly says it. Well, in case you never actually understand the hint, play it safe with “Blitzen” – the one that usually gives than receives. We’re sure she could use this versatile gourmet Christmas hamper filled with relaxing Chai Yoga Tea and Christmas flavoured candle, to an energising Dirt Candy wine paired with our best jams and relishes. It will tick all of her boxes! Or if she’s a sweet tooth, “Cupid” is the way to go with super tasty treats to savour the taste of Christmas for the months to follow!



We’re pretty sure lockdown categorised two types of people during lockdown. The binger and the quitter. We do cater for all your wellbeing wants and needs. But mainly wants! For your friend who is sticking to Dry July all year long, “Dasher” is the way to boost their spirits instead! This is one of our bigger gourmet Christmas hampers which has everything from Banana Pancake Flour, to gingerbread Salted Caramel and drink alternatives of tea and coffee! Maybe this friend loves to binge on self-care? “Vixen” has them covered with soothing bath salts, a Christmas candle and a kombucha treat!



The family is growing, and so should the fun! Don’t skip the little one’s this Christmas. Instead when they receive a Pretty Green hamper, watch their faces light up and remind you of the times you thought this season was the most magical of them all, and why it still is. We recommend ‘Elf Apprentice’ and ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ for an abundance of heart-warming treats.



There isn’t one who didn’t need to adapt to a WFH environment. Video calls have shown us the ins and outs of our colleagues' private life and just how much they deserve a wind down this season! Don’t be afraid to show some TLC to your employers and get rid of that guard you used to hold up so high. Grab the “Comet” for those superstars who kept persevering and aiming for the next glass ceiling! For your best colleague who kept sending you motivational quotes in the private chat, send them the “Rudolph” Christmas hamper. It’s officially time to party! Yes, gin can be a synonym for gourmet if you believe so! 


When is the last date to order a gourmet Christmas hamper? 

Like we said, the quicker you jump on the sleigh, the easier this crazy month is! You can check for Pretty Green’s eco-conscious delivery courier, Sendle, on their departure deadlines here. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and not in the literal sense if you don’t consider that the countdown until Christmas started yesterday! Oh, and you’re also guaranteed a spot on the nice list because our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable! We really don’t muck around here. Our priorities? It’s simple. A prettier, greener planet and happier stomachs seated around one table. What are you waiting for?