Melbourne, It’s Time To Take Your Picnic Hampers To Another Level

Melbourne, It’s Time To Take Your Picnic Hampers To Another Level

The brilliance of picnic hampers

We’re not sure if you have heard, but picnics are pretty popular right now. So it’s no surprise that picnic hampers have become a welcome gift to many. Here at Pretty Green, we believe that picnic hampers are such a versatile gift, that could be used to commemorate any occasion. Browse through the Pretty Green picnic hampers the next time that you need an anniversary gift for your girlfriend, a treat for your family to enjoy on a day out, or even a snack hub for you and your bestie to nibble on while spending the day at the beach. 

The epic rise of the classic picnic

Never have Australian’s ever gone on so many picnics. The old past-time has made a comeback and is sweeping the nation. With a strange year full of restrictions, picnics have become a saving grace for Aussie’s, particularly down in Melbourne. With no choice but to meet up outdoors, Melbournians have created a weekly ritual of picnics in the park, as they reunite with loved ones, open up a picnic hamper and bask in the scattered sunshine.  

These days, as they watch their fellow Aussie’s enjoy a cold one at the pub, a simple picnic brings so much joy to those in Melbourne. Although, these picnics aren’t as modest as they used to be. We are taking picnics up a level, and you need to catch up!  

If you have managed to find a somewhat reliable weather day in Melbourne, then you’re off to a great start. Then there are just two not-so-tiny details that need planning: location and food! Well, when it comes to food, it’s no contest, a picnic hamper is obviously a must. As for location, Melbourne, you have been stuck in your suburbs for far too long. It’s time to venture out and take your picnic to somewhere beyond 5km! 


The idyllic Melbourne locations

While Melbourne was locked away, Spring has sprung! Which fittingly means that various picnic locations are flourishing. With this picture perfect landscape, Melbourne has quite a selection of picnic spots:


An obvious yet humble choice

The park. It’s the first place that comes to mind, and for good reason. The park is where you can lay down a picnic rug, unbox your picnic hampers, play some tunes, and fall asleep in the sun. The popularity of a park picnic is growing rapidly, with crowds (safely socially-distanced) are taking over suburban parks and ovals. Good thing that Melbourne is in no shortage of these patches of greenery.

The Carlton Gardens is definitely a contender for the most picturesque park in Melbourne and a great place to spend a lazy Sunday. Being just on the edge of the CBD, the Carlton Gardens are like a sanctuary, away from the city noise and boasting an atmosphere that will cause you to lose track of time. Lay in the grass, listen to the echo of the tranquil water fountain, and get lost amongst the sun rays that peek through the trees.


Eating a picnic hamper at Melbourne's Carlton Gardens in Autumn

A dip in the water choice

The beach. Who doesn’t love a visit to the beach on a hot day? Restrictions are easing and the days are beginning to warm up, so take that picnic hamper down to the sand and finally enjoy those long beach days with your mates. Port Melbourne is quite the ideal spot!

Unlike its surrounding beaches, Port Melbourne is quite the bayside retreat with its white sand and palm tree-lined boardwalk. Find a spot to make your base camp, take a dip in the fresh ocean water, and watch the cruise boats drift off into the horizon. Port Melbourne beach stretches over 1.5kms, so there’s plenty of space to spread out and savour every treat in your picnic hampers. Just beware of those pesky seagulls.


A more metro choice

The riverside. With the urban hustle and bustle starting to pick up again, why not take a picnic hamper to the city. Find yourself a spot along the Yarra River! The river winds through the city, providing plenty of spots to choose from. A prime position is near the Royal Botanic Gardens, with stunning views of the MCG and AAMI Park.

You will spot Melbournians from all walks of life, from families enjoying an afternoon ice cream, to energy bunnies going for a long run. You can sit by the water and watch the various water vessels travel by, or even pack your bikes and take a ride along the river before the sun sets. Otherwise, just lay out a blanket, dig into your picnic hamper treats, and watch the busy people of Melbourne go about their days.

Eat a picnic hamper next to the Yarra River in Melbourne's CBD


The simple salad roll won’t cut it

FYI: An old-school picnic basket just won’t cut it anymore. Melbourne picnics have levelled up in the best way. Gone are the days of salad rolls and packets of chips. If you didn’t get the memo and have an upcoming picnic planned, then you should check out our range of picnic hampers. 

Here at Pretty Green, we have it all. Our picnic hampers include a collection of the finest treats locally sourced from brilliant Australian businesses. Here are some that will definitely impress your mates when you take a seat on that picnic rug.

 #1 The Wild Traveller:

BYO wine glasses to make use of the Winestains Picnic Stake and enjoy a bottle of red with a few nibbles. Don't forget a blanket for Melbourne's unpredictable weather!

#2 Picture Perfect Picnic:

What can we say, it’s pink, perfect and the best way to celebrate or simply catch up with the girls. 

 #3 Just Add Cheese:

One word, cheeseboard. This one is handmade from recycled wine barrels, so they're sustainable AND the perfect vessel for creating a sumptuous grazing platter on your picnic.  

#4 Thank Fizz It’s Summer:

Pour yourself an elderflower spritz and munch on artisan Australian nibbles. Your picnic game just went up a level.

#5 Well Seasoned Traveller:

All you need is to secure a spot at one of the public bbq grills, or bring this hamper along on a camping trip to Victoria's incredible camping spots. 

#6 Picnic Daze:

The name says it all. Stay a while with moreish picnic food and Tasmanian elderflower bubbles. 

#7 It’s Summer Lime:

Citrusy and perfect for when you’re looking to pack light. The ultimate catch up pack with a mate if you're both driving or not drinking with 2 delicious tinnies of non-alcoholic Sobah beers. 

#8 Weekend Vibes:

The complete kit for two come an anniversary celebration, birthday or catching up with a mate.


Don’t forget that you can also add on any extras to your picnic hamper, to really level up!


So, it’s time to get those picnic hampers Melbourne because the warmer days are beginning and daylight savings have truly settled in.

With some location inspiration, a collection of our favourite picnic hampers, and an ease of kilometre radius restrictions, what are you waiting for Melbourne? Click here to check out our full range of picnic hampers, place an order and reunite with your mates!