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  • Negroni Cocktail Hamper
    Negroni Cocktail Hamper
  • Applewood Gin Hamper
    Applewood Gin Hamper
  • Bar Rochford Cocktail Hamper
  • Gourmet Small Batch Wine Hamper
    Red Wine hamper with chocolate, spices and honey.
  • Hot Sauce Hamper
  • Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
    Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
  • Deluxe Gin Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Garden Grown Gin Hamper
    Garden Grown Gin Hamper
  • Bartender Cocktail Kit Hamper
    Bartender cocktail kit with bottle opener and ice mould tray.
Unwrapping onboarding gift of notebooks
Pretty Green


Utilise the opportunity to develop a great onboarding experience to make your new starter feel comfortable and excited about what's to come. 

Onboarding new employees is more important than ever. An onboarding gift doesn’t just welcome your new hire to the team, it helps them understand your company culture and brand values, as well as ensures they are settled in with surprise and delight. We help you give your new employees the best experience possible on their first day with our onboarding gift hampers.

You want your new employees to not only feel comfortable, settled in and involved in their first few days working at your company, but you also want them to feel happy with their decision to join your team and ultimately stay. First impressions are important after all. 

In order to make their day a little less scary and daunting, use an onboarding gift to create a welcoming experience. Why not greet a new employee in the office with an onboarding gift in hand or on their desk? It’s important that you immerse your new hire in your company’s incredible culture. So pair their onboarding gift with an all round experience - a meet and greet with the team, lunch on their first day. 

An onboarding gift sent directly to their desk from Pretty Green is an easy way to clearly outline your company values, and make your new employees feel welcome and delighted. And should your new employee be working from home, or you want to get your gift to them before day 1, send them a remote onboarding fit straight to their home. Our onboarding gifts are perfect for businesses who like to support small-batch and local producers with sustainability at their core, as opposed to a usually tacky and gimmicky company swag bag. Their contents are truly memorable and will make sure you get the first impression you deserve. 

So what should you put into your onboarding gift?

Food is the way to any person's heart. So little can go wrong when onboarding a new employee with a beautifully designed and curated Pretty Green gift hamper. Better yet, you can personalise your onboarding gift to your brand’s values and even the position that they are taking up. Maybe you want to add a morale boosting chocolate named The Gamechanger, a handmade ceramic keep cup to encourage less waste or an Immune Boosting tea and Tea Tree Honey for resilience and health. We also have a range of producers who match your company values - products made by companies who give back, those led by an all women team, those that are zero waste and those that focus on their local communities. Along with personalising and sourcing your packaging, you can add in a handwritten note that will have a long lasting impression on your new team member. Together, we can build a bespoke onboarding gift that has a sprinkling of your company’s personality and will ensure your new employees are settled into their new role instantly. 

Alternatively, in just a few clicks you can choose one of our thoughtfully curated onboarding gifts that are ready to send. Go one step further and you are able to schedule when you want your gift to be sent via our GMS (Gift Management System) so you can get ahead of the game early and focus on the more important stuff. We’ll pack your onboarding gift and ensure it’s on their desk (or doorstep) on their first day. 

Get in contact to create a meaningful onboarding gift that not only lets your new team you’re thinking of them, but represents your brand values, company personality and connects them to a culture they’ll love. All whilst supporting small batch Australian producers.