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    When a sorry warrants more than just an apology note, foodie goodness will get you back in the good books. No guarantees, though.
  • Negroni Cocktail Hamper
    Negroni Cocktail Hamper
  • Applewood Gin Hamper
    Applewood Gin Hamper
  • Bar Rochford Cocktail Hamper
  • Gourmet Small Batch Wine Hamper
    Red Wine hamper with chocolate, spices and honey.
  • Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
    Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
  • Deluxe Gin Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Garden Grown Gin Hamper
    Garden Grown Gin Hamper
  • Shiraz Wine Hamper
  • Bartender Cocktail Kit Hamper
    Bartender cocktail kit with bottle opener and ice mould tray.
  • Honey Delights Hamper
    Honey Delights Hamper
Best mates chocolate by Hey Tiger from our sorry hampers
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Send them an indulgent and heartfelt sorry hamper from Pretty Green with a personalised handwritten note straight to their doorstep and put it all behind you. Because who can say no a hamper filled with damn delicious food? 

Delivering an apology that’s seriously heartfelt is so important in a relationship. Whether it’s your partner, parent, good friend or even just a work colleague. Maintaining and looking after your relationships with other people is an important part of life and growth.

Sorry can often be too hard to say in person, so if you’re not ready yet or just want to truly show how sorry you are, send something with personality like an I Am Sorry hamper. Sending an I am sorry hamper is owning up to something you’ve done wrong and a lovely act of kindness to show that you care deeply about how you’ve made someone else feel.

Deliver sorry differently and with a hamper to really make a difference and hopefully put a smile on someone's face! At Pretty Green we have many different options that we’re sure will help you say I’m sorry to the recipient in the right way. Rest assured, our high quality range of products will help you say sorry and show how much you really care.

For an extra special personal touch, when gifting an I am sorry hamper include something that shows how well you know them. For example, if you know that the person your’e saying sorry to likes to practice mindfulness, put together a sweet mindfulness pack. Include some organic honey, incense, tea and a bunch of other products which are wonderful for the psyche. 

If you know that they love chocolate, put together some delicious and unique chocolate flavours in an I am sorry hamper. And if they love chocolate with a cup of tea, well then make sure there’s a deliciously aromatic tea to pair with the chocolates. 

Do not forget to include a lovely hand written note either! The key component to unique I Am Sorry hampers is a personalised card that packs a punch. And we have plenty of options at your disposal. Just give us the word and we’ll have the words under control. 

It’s so important when saying sorry that the thoughtfulness shines through. In a gift, you want the passion to be obvious in both the quality and presentation. We can assure that all products you pack into your I am Sorry hamper are impressive and thoughtful. Packing our products in your i am sorry hamper creates an extra special apology gift especially as each item is so unique. We LOVE all of our handpicked, handmade small batch products and more importantly the dedicated producers that make them. We choose carefully and believe each one plays their own important part in amplifying the essence of giving and sharing delectable foodie memories, even to say sorry.

At the end of the day remember that relationships are important! Don’t sweep anything under the rug or hope a bad situation will go away, it’s important to step up and own your mistakes. With a tricky situation send an I am sorry hamper from Pretty Green as not only an apology but as a note of appreciation. Saying sorry in such a unique, thoughtful and memorable way is the first step in the right direction to fixing and strengthening an important relationship.