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    Putting the 'gourmet' into gourmet hampers. Check out our spread of small-batch hampers made with the freshest local ingredients.

  • Negroni Cocktail Hamper
    Negroni Cocktail Hamper
  • Applewood Gin Hamper
    Applewood Gin Hamper
  • Bar Rochford Cocktail Hamper
  • Gourmet Small Batch Wine Hamper
    Red Wine hamper with chocolate, spices and honey.
  • Hot Sauce Hamper
  • Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
    Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
  • Deluxe Gin Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Garden Grown Gin Hamper
    Garden Grown Gin Hamper
  • Shiraz Wine Hamper
  • Bartender Cocktail Kit Hamper
    Bartender cocktail kit with bottle opener and ice mould tray.
Pretty Green


From the hinterland of Byron Bay, across the vineyards of Margaret River and back to the beaches of Sydney, we’ve discovered our favourite fresh, regional flavours that we believe are the epitome of gourmet.

Our range of gourmet hampers are packed with small-batch Australian produce you can’t get anywhere else. Each carefully curated gift hamper is hand selected with award winning produce that cleverly compliment each other to create a beautiful one of a kind gift that’ll leave them talking for weeks afterwards! From the limited release of Ashbolt Farm’s first harvest olive oil (of which we managed to score the last of their 2020 season!) to the liquid gold goodness of Mailer McGuire’s minimal intervention kombucha, we pledge to showcase our favourite farmer’s market great’s in order for you to gift sustainable gourmet hampers come any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for luxury hampers for an important client, a little something for a foodie friend’s birthday or a Christmas hamper for the entire family, we, as committed foodie’s have scoured the country and nurtured incredible relationships with small businesses all to ensure your eyes are opened to the most delicious Australian produce in your gourmet hampers. Because your taste buds deserve only the best.  

We put the ‘gourmet’ in gourmet hampers

Gourmet officially means ‘a connoisseur of good food’ which is exactly what we pride ourselves to be. There are 3 important things that make your hamper undisputedly gourmet and even more importantly Pretty Green. First, passionate independent businesses who pour their love, sweat and tears into creating delicious, nourishing produce with the freshest local ingredients. Then comes us. Committed foodies devoted to finding only the very best products from across Australia. Produce that we not only fill our pantries with, but yours too. And most importantly, you. Without your love for small batch producers and the ability to recognise delicious food and drink when you try it, we wouldn’t be able to support those who make eating it possible. With its contents as the main event, you can be sure our gourmet hampers are some of the best in Australia - at Pretty Green, we deal with one of a kind products in order to make your hamper truly gourmet. 

Each of our gourmet hampers features produce exclusively from Australia. From the hinterland of Byron Bay, across the vineyards of Margaret River and back to the beaches of Sydney, we’ve explored many regions throughout Australia and discovered our favourite fresh, regional flavours that we believe are the epitome of gourmet. And there’s no disputing it when so many of our products are used with confidence by the best chefs from across the country. From salt harvested by family run business Olsson’s Salt to Gin made from Sheep’s Whey in Tasmania by one of the country’s master distillers and Habanero Hot Sauce fermented in barrels to create an oaky, flavour filled addition to.. anything, we have flavours and recipes that really are the cream of the crop. And one’s that’ll keep them smiling until the very last drop. 

The best gourmet hampers for any - and every - occasion

There’s no denying that food makes the best gift come birthday, celebrating a new baby, for corporate clients and employees and most importantly - Christmas. There’s no better gift than introducing the ones you love to delicious, high quality produce that they simply cannot get anywhere else. Which is exactly what we put into our wide selection of gourmet hampers. 

Christmas is the best occasion to send gourmet hampers straight to their doorstep. With a huge selection of Christmas goodies, including small-batch organic sparkling wines, moreish Australian macadamias, indulgent ethically made chocolate and the best (trust us on this one) Christmas Puddings handmade in the Yarra Valley, you can be sure to impress your recipients and make your gift stand out from the crowd. We have gourmet hampers to suit every budget, every person and every diet - from those who are lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegan or diabetic, all of your Christmas hamper shopping can be done in one place. Fuss free and utterly delicious. 

Our gourmet hampers are also great to send to your corporate clients, employees or business associates at any occasion. Whether you’re looking to impress an important client with a luxury gourmet hamper at Christmas, or you want to surprise and delight an employee who deserves a delicious treat, there’s a hamper for every budget. From cocktails hand crafted by one of the best bars in the world to indulgent chocolate that gives back to charity or handmade ceramic keep cups that are individually unique, each hamper is one that not only tastes and looks incredible, but also sends a personal message. In just the way you want it. 

Personalised Gourmet Hampers

Talking of personal, together we can ensure your gift is a special, one of a kind surprise that lightens up their day and sends the exact message you’d like. Using both our custom Gift Builder and adding a personalised message, you can put a smile on their face as soon as they open their box of goodness. Simply choose each handmade product that goes into your gourmet hamper, then add a heartfelt message. We’ll then handwrite your note onto our beautiful greetings card, carefully pack your bespoke hamper in our beautiful Pretty Green packaging and send it straight to their doorstep through our carbon neutral delivery service. All you have to do is wait for the thank you call. 

We know gourmet hampers are the best gift for birthdays, a new baby, anniversaries, wedding gifts and new homes. We also know that the perfect gift means the world. And that delicious food is the way to anyone’s heart. Put these factors together and you’re guaranteed to make that special someone smile with one our stand out gourmet hampers!