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    Send positive energy and healthy goodies to the people you care about with a get well hamper. Filled with wholesome comfort food and goodies, showing your support has never been so easy.
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    Honey Delights Hamper
Soothing honey for get well hamper
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A get well hamper from Pretty Green will get them feeling better in no time. With the finest Australian Tea Tree honey, minimal intervention kombucha and delicious organic honey, there's no doubt you'll make their day a little brighter. 

For all those times you’ve wanted to go above and beyond telling someone they’ve got this or hope you get better soon - say hello to get well hampers by Pretty Green. We’ve all been in that not so fun situation where someone you care about has fallen ill, a hospital stay or isn’t feeling like themselves. Words are a wonderful thing, but sometimes giving a care package gift that shows how much you care can say a lot more. Our carefully handpicked gifts are handcrafted by talented local producers from across Australia, so we can guarantee each and every product is just oozing with all the TLC you could ever hope for. 

There’s not much that’s more important than showing support for your loved ones. Whether it’s wishing someone a speedy recovery from surgery or they're stuck in bed with a cold that won’t go away, we understand it can be tough and that all you want to do is make things easier. When a hug isn’t possible, the next best thing is a get well hamper. And at Pretty Green there’s nothing we love more than making people feel good. According to our maths, if you’ve got fine food and fine friends, you’re in for a whole lot of fine fun! That’s the equation behind all our gifts, we go that extra mile for you so that you can go that extra mile for your friends and family. 

You’ve probably asked yourself this a couple of times, what on earth do I get someone who’s sick? What’s okay to give someone staying in hospital? What about someone who’s feeling sad they’re stuck in bed rest for months? Well, luckily for you we have a wide range of surprises and delights that’ll bring a smile to any person who gets their hands on a get well soon hamper by Pretty Green. From soothing plant-based skin care to aromatic sleep teas to essentials that’ll spice up any hospital meal, and everything-in-between. Our go-to survival boxes are like little pick me ups, filled with thoughtful and meaningful products that’ll brighten anyone’s day. 

Whilst teddy bears, balloons and flowers are nice - no one needs more than a couple of these! They’ll appreciate something that’ll make them feel special and valued. Think to yourself, what is something they love and how can I make that easier for them? How about easy-to-make meals if they can’t go to the grocery shop? Some salted caramel popcorn and a cheeky chocolate snack to help get them through another day of watching Netflix? Maybe fresh coffee beans will do the trick if they can’t get their favourite morning brew from their local coffee shop. If going out for dinner isn’t a thing for a while, bring dinners to them with wholesome, world-class ingredients fit for a 5-star feast at home!

These get well hampers are not just for friends and families, they’re the perfect thoughtful gift in the corporate world too. For the employees who need to take sick leave, clients who are recovering from hospital at home or even when your boss hasn’t been in the office in a while - it’s important to make your team feel supported. All our gifts are handcrafted with that personal touch that’s still professional, only packed with goodies that are useful and delicious of course! On top of all these feel good vibes, you can also give yourself another pat on the back knowing that you are supporting sustainable practices and Australian family producers. Our 100% carbon neutral delivery service and biodegradable packaging will make you, the receiver and the planet super happy!