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    With over 300 products and gifts uniquely crafted by families spanning Australia, we provide all your farmers market favourites under one roof. Small-batch, sustainable and yummy.
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Small batch jam and tea in corporate care packages
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Send a meaningful, personalised and downright thoughtful care package to your employees or clients to let them know you're thinking of them, you support them and you value your ongoing relationship. A little TLC never hurt anybody. 

When it comes to corporate care packages, they need to be meaningful, personalised and useful to make a lasting impact on your team. It’s important to go beyond the tacky drink bottles, pens and keychains with your company logo! While a bunch of flowers or gift cards are nice from time to time, they’re not memorable and can often come across as an afterthought. So that’s where Pretty Green comes in. We’ve gone that extra mile searching far and wide only for the best, small batch goodies with the finest ingredients so you can go that extra mile for your team. 

Our carefully handpicked and curated care packages are handcrafted by Australian families for you and your team. Whether it’s a working from home care package or a zoom meeting gift, we understand how important it is for you to make sure your staff feel connected and supported. What better way to do that than to hold a cocktail making session as a Friday after work drinks? Feeling like a bit of whisky business to brighten up their day? We’ve got all your essentials sorted from the award winning old fashioned to the ice mould to the garnish. Or perhaps it’s time to send a gentle reminder that they’re all gin-credible? Our botanical sheep whey gins paired with tonics and heavenly chocolates will get their taste buds dancing. After a couple sips it’ll feel like your all together at your local! 

Our care packages are filled to the brim with all the TLC you could hope for. Whether it’s to remind your team that they are not alone or that you wish someone a speedy recovery whilst on sick leave, we understand it can be pretty tricky to choose a gift that's both personal and professional. It’s important that your gift shows your company culture but also makes that person feel valued and supported. So luckily for you, we’ve curated a whole bunch of care packages that’ll suit any budget, occasion and taste. Our pamper session care packages are the perfect reminder to send your team or clients to practice self care. From soothing rosy bath milks to coffee scrubs to organic candles, they’ll feel refreshed in no time! Or our immune boosting care package combos would go down like a treat! You can’t go wrong with a herbal tea blend of echinacea and aniseed myrtle with a smooth honey rich in natural antibiotics. 

At Pretty Green, we believe in supporting our Australian community by supporting local producers only. From sparkling kombuchas made in Sydney to olive oil harvested in Victoria, we have a wide selection of goodies all from our own home soil. We always say people should be celebrated all the time on every possible occasion, and that includes our local producers at the dinner table! Each of our products has an inspiring Australian backstory behind it, which makes our care packages all the more meaningful to give to your clients, business partners or employees. 

In fact, we can even customise our care packages to include products that are perfectly in line with your brand values. Is your company all about giving back? Well, we’ve got scrumptious chocolates by a social enterprise that donates their proceeds to The Hunger Project in Ghana. Does your ethos lie in sustainability? Our succulent jams that repurpose unwanted fruit and vegetables that have not met supermarket standards in size, colour or shape are seriously next level. Is teamwork really important to your brand? We have a bunch of products that speak volumes about what can happen when you work together. There’s our non-alcoholic beers run by an Indigenous couple who are trying to smash stigma against sobriety, the best friend mum duo who now run a successful wholesome biscuit business, the father and daughter who turn old wine barrels into luxury travel items like wine holders and cheese boards… we could go on and on. 

Our care packages can be delivered to any doorstep in Australia, no matter how remote with our 100% carbon neutral delivery service. At Pretty Green, our roots lie in wanting to keep our planet pretty by shopping green. That’s why we support our local producers and use biodegradable packaging with all our care packages. Why should food have to travel all the way from overseas just to arrive on our plates when we have such unique and delicious goodness already here? 

We believe that every time you spend your money, you’re helping choose the type of world you want to live in. Many of our producers practice zero waste initiatives, sustainable farming or are finding new ways to repurpose their products. The tea jars that come in some of our care packages can be used as a toothbrush holder or a vase for flowers once it’s finished! By backing our local producers and sustainability practices, you’re helping build a more self-sufficient and better Australia for the environment. 

All of our care packages are fully customizable. We will happily design your boxes, cards and messaging to represent your brand best. We’ll even hand write all your cards, as many as you like for that extra personal touch! Care packages are the best way to spark motivation and productivity, the feeling of appreciation is a powerful tool when it comes to staff and client loyalty. It may be a small gesture, but it can go a long way. So you can feel good knowing your making your team’s day and the planet!

To make things even easier for you, we have a seamless gift management system. It’s basically an online calendar that does all the hard for you! All you need to do is sign up and fill in the details of whoever you're sending the care package to and how often. From there, you can leave the rest to us. If you want, you could even send a care package out once a month to several people. That can be done without you even really lifting a finger!