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    Send something delicious and relaxing for Mum, and something equally as cute for the new arrival. All handmade, small-batch and created with both Mum and baby in mind.
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    Honey Delights Hamper
Our relaxing baby hampers are perfect for pregnant women who do yoga
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Include something for the new baby and something for Mum in our curated baby gift baskets. There's every reason to celebrate when a little bundle of joy enters the world.

New parents after a baby want to do one thing, relax and enjoy their time with their newest bub! This will be a chaotic time and many new parents find it hard to sit back and relax, so a baby gift basket would make the perfect little treat. Not to mention offer an opportunity for parents to put their feet up (once the little one is asleep of course).

Now is the time to relax and bask in the delight of their newest boy or girl, help them enjoy this magical time with a special gift.  Pretty Green’s baby gift basket hampers are perfect for a newly busy family and offer something special for both mum and dad and the little one. There's every reason to celebrate when a little bundle of joy enters the world. Whether it's a glass of fizz, healthy kombucha or a strong cup of coffee for Mum, easy to cook meals for Dad and the softest muslin wraps and toys for baby, there's something for all the family family.

To help out in the process of getting used to the new daily routine with the new baby, put in something to help them start their day. A bowl of granola or delicious honey to help them wake up in the morning. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially as now may be the busiest time of their day too!

Having a baby means it's often hard to stick to healthy habits, the baby comes first and that means no gym and endless snacks. Help the parents get some healthy habits into their new crazy routine with some healthy snacks packed into a baby gift basket. Maybe some delicious kombucha they can reach for instead of an energy drink, or an organic pasta for a healthy, easy dinner. Or even delicious lactation cookies for a breastfeeding boost. A baby basket with some healthy options can help provide some magical zen and assistance with maintaining healthy habits. 

Quiet moments are going to be even more magical now with a new baby into the world! Putting some delicious and soothing teas in a baby gift basket may help provide some relaxing moments for the parents. A particularly strong and punchy tea could be the kick they need, so send over some organic and luscious flavours. A quiet moment with a soothing hot drink may be their only down time for a while. 

Parents may find it hard to get out and enjoy some of the delicacies they did before so send the treats to them! Throw in some delicious organic chocolates, some crispy popcorn, or an organic wine. Help make sure they’re still enjoying the finer treats in life while getting used to this hectic time of their life. One perfect treat is some snacks for a 5-star cheeseboard so that they can enjoy restaurant grade antipasto while staying in to look after their new addition.

And of course a bottle of champagne! Nothing says celebration like some a beautiful bottle of Hunter Valley fizz. There are so many combinations to choose from. At Pretty Green, we see ourselves as a community who love to support and shout about both traditional and experimental flavours crafted with fresh ingredients sourced right here in Australia. So rest assured that your baby gift basket will be just the special and golden treat they deserve.