Why Beer Gift Baskets Are All The Craze?

Why Beer Gift Baskets Are All The Craze?

So, Why Are Beer Gift Baskets All The Craze?

As we all know, we have had to become creative in how we catch up with mates in the last year. With lockdowns and restrictions, it became kinda hard to just go and have a beer with your pals. So, beer gift baskets from Pretty Green have become a pretty popular gift - so you and your friends can enjoy a beer together, virtually! Plus, how good is receiving beer in the mail!

Check out some of our favourite beer gift baskets that you and your beer drinking mates will love. 


It’s Summer Lime

If you’re having a bit of trouble getting together a beer gift basket DIY, stop stressing because we’ve got you sorted. Our ‘It’s Summer Lime’ hamper is the ideal summer time beer gift basket. We’ve chucked in 2 of Sobah’s refreshing cans of beer, the ‘Aspen Pilsner’ and ‘Lime Cerveza’. This alcohol-free alternative is the perfect drink for those craving that classic beer taste. It’s the fun of drinking beer, minus the hangover! Sobah is an Indigenous led brand that is committed to changing attitudes and fighting the stigma against sobriety. Pretty cool if you ask us. Plus, they’ve added native Australian ingredients to the flavour of their beer - lemon aspen and finger lime, which are 100% locally produced. We think it makes the beer taste even sweeter. 

We’ve also included some nibbles for you and your mate to snack on whilst enjoying these refreshing drinks. Django’s Assorted Choc Macadamias are one of a kind. Not only are they an incredibly tasty treat, but they’re also only exclusively sold at Pretty Green. You won’t find them anywhere else. These macadamias are harvested on the producer’s farm and then drenched in chocolate! Super cool if you ask us! Like we said - it’s the ultimate summer time beer gift basket!

Spice Master’s Grill

If you are looking for beer gift basket ideas that suit BBQ lovers, then our ‘Spice Master’s Grill’ is the hamper for you! Beers and BBQ’s - a match made in heaven right? We’ve included Moo Brew’s ‘Pilsner’ which is a twist on the traditional German beer. We reckon it gives the traditional stuff a run for its money. If you or your mate aren’t too keen on these modern, fruity craft beers, then Moo Brew’s lager is the perfect fit. With a classic household lager taste, your recipient will love it. 

Now to the BBQ. Drunken Sailor Canning Co’s ‘Stout and Chipotle Mustard’ is the ultimate sauce for your burger, sambo, or whatever really. It literally goes on anything. If you're a meat lover, it's hectic on a medium rare cooked steak. The Fermentalist’s ‘Reaper Hot Sauce’ is also packed in the hamper. It’s definitely not for the light hearted, and packs a big punch of flavour. But if you’re a chilli fan, adding this to your BBQ will knock your socks off. It’s small batch and lacto-fermented, and plus, it is full of beneficial living bacteria. You will not be sorry!


Well Seasoned Traveller 

Our ‘Well Seasoned Traveller’ beer gift basket is the hamper for, well just that, a well seasoned traveller. If you or a loved one is a keen camper, then this beer gift basket is packed with goodies that will elevate any camping trip. We’ve already told you about how good Moo Brew’s ‘Pilsner’ is, and we chucked in 2 cans for you to enjoy with a friend. 

We’ve also added Olsson’s ‘Well Seasoned Traveller Assorted Salt and Seasoning’. This seasoning will add a whole lot of flavour to your campsite dinner and bonus, it’s free of any nasty chemicals or preservatives. Olsson’s is a family local business that has been operating since the 1950s. Their salts and seasoning are pretty special too, as the salt is harvested from the Great Barrier Reef or Great Australian Bight. Cool right? 

Green Demon

If you’re looking to treat your boyfriend, partner, husband, not-exclusively dating friend, whatever it is, then our ‘Green Demon’ beer gift basket is the ultimate cheeky gift that will excite any significant other. The products we’ve included will definitely make for a memorable evening, they’re packed full of flavour and are fiery, the perfect combination. 

We’ve included 2 pretty cool beers that you and your partner can enjoy together. Moo Brew’s ‘Pale Ale’ is beautifully crafted and gives off a floral flavour. It’s truly refreshing. The beer is a concoction of American centennial and Tasmanian Cascade hops and while it is fruity, also has a bitter base. Hop Nation’s award winning ‘J Juice Neipa’ is also in the hamper. It’s a hazy beer and has proven to be super popular. It’s the ultimate craft beer gift basket!

So if you’re looking to give your mate, sibling, lover, parent, whoever, a jam packed beer gift basket that is full of value, then why not give one of Pretty Green’s hampers. They’ve got locally sourced and produced, unique products that any beer lover will enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Get on it today!