Vegan Gift Hampers To Enjoy in Melbourne

Vegan Gift Hampers To Enjoy in Melbourne

Melbourne has so many amazing spots throughout the city and its surrounds to enjoy nutritious, delicious vegan gift hampers from Pretty Green! Veganism is on the rise, and if you’re looking for a good gift for your vegan mates, then look no further. Pretty Green has you covered, as we have heaps of small-batch vegan options. There’s no better way to enjoy your vegan treats than outside in some of Melbourne’s best locations. We’ve paired some of our favourite vegan gift hampers with a Melbourne location to match, so all you have to do is enjoy!


Hedgeley Dene Gardens

Located in Melbourne’s southeast, Hedgeley Dene Gardens is a beautiful historic garden that was originally farmland and cottages when it was first purchased in 1877. It has had a number of different lives since then, but the gardens were developed in 1924. With an ornamental lake and trees galore, it’s the perfect atmosphere to sit down and relax with Au Naturale gift hampers underneath the Melbourne sun. Cook up some Tuscan Risotto by Melbourne-based From Basque With Love before you go and wash it down with an all-natural Riesling. This vegan gift includes:


-       Dirt Candy's "The Natural" Riesling

-       From Basque with Love's Tuscan Risotto


Royal Botanic Gardens

Spanning over 38 hectares of land, the Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most iconic locations in Melbourne. Spice up your time at the gardens with a Chill(i) Out gift hamper to keep things exciting. Although not super-HOT, it’ll give you a decently good kick! Jam Lady Jam began making jams and the like in 1995 in regional Victoria and it’s still going as strong as ever! These gift hampers have Jam Lady Jam Harissa Paste in them, so you’ll still be supporting your local Melbourne producers too. This gift includes:


-       Sabarac Watermelon Hot Sauce

-       Jam Lady Jam Harissa Paste

-       Sabarac Cayenne and Watermelon Pyramid Salt


One Tree Hill Picnic Ground

Approximately a one-hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD in the Dandenong Ranges, One Tree Hill Picnic Ground can be accessed by car or by a short bushwalk. Either way, once you get to the top you can relax with a Game Changer hamper to take in the nature surrounding you. One Tree Hill Picnic Ground gets its name from the 1860s when the forest was cleared, leaving a single tree as a survey marker. These days there’s an abundance of trees to chill out under with a J Juice Neipa Beer from Melbourne brewery Hop Nation and the rest of the ‘Game Changer’ vegan gourmet hampers.


-       Hop Nation J Juice Neipa Beer

-       JimJam Quince Paste

-       Sabarac Salsa Verde

-       Django Macadamias Wakame Macadamias

-       Hey Tiger 'Game Changer' Hazelnut Butter Vegan Dark Chocolate


Lysterfield Park

Whether you’re into bushwalking or kayaking or mountain biking, Lysterfield Park is the perfect spot for getting active. There are heaps of wildlife around, so once you’re finished with your activities, make sure you find a nice spot to relax and take in the nature around you with an All The Gear But No Idea hamper. It’s the perfect post-exercise vegan hamper filled with nutritious goodies. From Basque With Love coming through with their elite Tuscan Risotto mixed with some homemade Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce from regional Victoria’s JimJam foods. Vegan hamper gifts in Melbourne don’t get much better than this! It includes:


-       Olsson's Well Seasoned Traveller Assorted Salt and Seasoning

-       Drunken Sailor Canning Co Smokey Tomato Relish

-       Love Tea French Earl Grey Tea 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

-       The Fermentalist Reaper Hot Sauce

-       From Basque With Love Tuscan Risotto

-       JimJam Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce


Sherbrooke Falls Trail

A nice easy 1.2km trail to the waterfall, you’ll pass plenty of greenery and ferns on your way. Once you get there, enjoy being out of Melbourne and chill out with one of our Old Dog, New Tricks vegan gift hampers. Pour yourself a nice Old Fashioned cocktail and bring out the Whisky and Smoke vegan dark chocolate from Melbourne’s Hey Tiger and you’ll be well on your way to a good time. Maybe you’ll even get to bring out the vegan Jonny’s, but hey maybe you should head on home first! This vegan gift hamper includes:


-       2 x Bar Rochford Old Fasho

-       Hey Tiger Hello Officer Whisky and Smoke Vegan Dark Chocolate

-       Jonny Lover's Dozen Vegan Condom Pack of 13


These are just some of the amazing spots around Melbourne to enjoy one of the Pretty Green vegan gift hampers! Check out our entire range of vegan gifts and take your pick.