Unique Birthday Gift Baskets For Every Type of Person

Unique Birthday Gift Baskets For Every Type of Person

Birthdays can sometimes be hard to buy for because we want to get the people in our lives something that we know they will love. At Pretty Green, we have a unique selection of products that we have made into some seriously incredible birthday gift baskets. We have something for everyone, no matter if they love to have a cheeky cocktail, or they are more into relaxing with a tea, or even if they are a bit of a kitchen whiz! Here are some of our favourite birthday gift baskets.


For The Amateur Cook

We all have the people in our lives who LOVE to cook, they think cooking brings people together, and hey, they are absolutely right! For their birthday this year, send them one of the All The Gear But No Idea gift baskets and they will be jumping for joy. With all the ingredients to make a delicious dinner, Tuscan Risotto by From Basque With Love, Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce from JimJam, and some Reaper Hot Sauce by The Fermentalist if you want to take it that step up to SPICY. This gift basket includes:

-       Olsson's Well Seasoned Traveller Assorted Salt and Seasoning

-       Drunken Sailor Canning Co Smokey Tomato Relish

-       Love Tea French Earl Grey Tea 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

-       The Fermentalist Reaper Hot Sauce

-       From Basque With Love Tuscan Risotto

-       JimJam Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce


For The Bar-Goer

If your mates love to have a big birthday celebration, the Shaken Not Stirred gift baskets are the perfect gift for them. They can bring the bar home with them, as this features a cocktail shaking essentials kit, a delicious The Vespa cocktail from Canberra-based Bar Rochford, and a little bar snack to accompany. This gift includes:

-       Bar Rochford The Vespa 180ml

-       Bar Geek Shaker’s Essentials Antique Range

-       Wondaree Sour Cream Macadamias


For The Yogi

Woman doing yoga by the water with city skyscrapers in the backdrop

For the ultimate relaxation birthday gift, send your yoga-loving, meditating loved ones a delivery of the Yo-ga Best hamper. Featuring a jar of delicious Sticky Australian Bush Chai Tea from T Totaler, Tea Tree Honey from Tasmania’s Miellerie and some other goodies that will help recentre and relax you. This gift basket is one not to be missed. It includes:

-       T Totaler Australian Bush Chai Tea

-       Miellerie Tea Tree Honey

-       Intuitive Bodybliss Body Scrub

-       Palo Santo Incense

-       Shemana Heart Activation Mist


For The Social Butterfly

If your mate is one of those people that everyone loves, they spark up a convo with anyone and everyone, and they are just the life of the party, send them one of the Love, Your Favourite gift baskets for their birthday! A social gift meant for sharing, it comes with a bottle of Dirt Candy Wine’s The Favourite, because duh they’re everyone’s favourite person! Along with some other shareable nibbles, and a Winestains picnic stake for two people, this is the ideal birthday gift. It includes: 

-       Jam Lady Jam Sherry and Onion Relish

-       Winestains Picnic Stake For Two

-       Hey Tiger 'Best Mates' Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn Chocolate

-       Dirt Candy The Favourite Vermentino

-       LOKA Fine Foods Italian Cheese and Herb Crackers


For The Luckiest Of The Lot

For the people in your life who are extra special, if you know what I mean, the Get Lucky hamper is the birthday gift you want them to receive as a delivery. Settle in for the night with a bottle of sheep whey vodka, mixed with some delicious sparkling elderflower, and accompanied with some sweet and salty snacks, and they’ll definitely be feeling lucky this birthday. If you want to get extra lucky, we’ve got you covered on that front too because we threw in a couple of vegan condoms by Jonny! This gift includes:

-       2 x Jonny Single Vegan Condoms

-       2 x Ashbolt Tasmanian Sparkling Elderflower

-       Hey Tiger The Weekend Caramel and Cracker Crumb Chocolate

-       Grandvewe Hartshorn Distillery Vodka 200ml

-       Poetry Fine Foods Salted Caramel Popcorn


At Pretty Green, we have you covered for all your birthday needs, with gift baskets for every person in your life. Check out our entire range of birthday hampers to choose the right gift for the people in your life.