You’re as Australian as a sausage roll. You passed the citizenship test questions with flying colours. And you (mistakenly) believe you’ve got the slang down pat… they’re prawns not shrimp, and no we don’t cook them on the barbie. 

But alas, some of your oldest friends and family still live in the Mother Country. Aka you have lots of excuses to send gifts overseas; it’s a birthday, a Bar Mitzvah, Christmas, Theravada… or maybe you just want to remind people of your existence.

Like a true blue expat, you believe the more Australian your gifts are the better. Still… there’s only so long that the novelty of bad souvenirs can last. And, contrary to the fact that Australians are not known for (beyond amazing) coffee, craft beers, and fine foods, these are the things we do best. 

So, if you truly want a gift that represents Australia... ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, expats and… expats, we present to you the ultimate gift guide to unique Australian gifts. The good kinds. And the fine kinds.  

Australian Gift #1 Craft Beer

It doesn’t get more Australian than beer. Except when it’s craft beer. 

Because, to say the very least, the craft beer scene in Australia is booming. A new craft beer brewery opens every six days in Australia and the industry has grown by almost 200% in the past seven years. And yet, the thirst for craft beer is still outstripping supply. It’s a brand new modern day Gold Rush. 

So, if you’re looking for unique Aussie gifts that are in tune with the public mood, craft beer definitely fits your gift aspirations. Not to mention they’re trending for good reason - They. Just. Taste. Better. So do your overseas folks a favour and introduce them to Australian Made craft beer. They’ll be craft beer loving and guzzling in no time. 

The Sophisticated Beat Margot Blonde Saison

Australian Gift #2 Native Teas 

Now on the less alcoholic side of life… if you want to give your friends and family a unique taste of Australia, native teas definitely make the gift list. 

There’s been a global buzz around native Australian ingredients in recent years. The taste and medicinal properties are beyond fabulous. Not to mention, they rank more-than-highly on the list of sustainable Australian made products. 

Yet, for the traditional custodians of this land, these ingredients are and have been so much more than just a culinary fad. They’re entrenched in the cultural heritage of Australia’s indigenous communities. And this makes native botanical teas a truly unique Australian gift that goes beyond the tokenistic boomerangs. 

TTotaler Sticky Bush Chai


Pretty Green yellow gift box

Australian Gift #3 Raw Honey

The rise and rise of Australian Made Honey isn’t exactly news. Our bees are healthier, our honey is stickier and our beekeepers use far fewer chemicals than other producers. 

Not to mention Australian beekeepers produce honeys that are completely unique in the world. We have more than 700 native flowering plants that honey bees can use to produce honey, which range from eucalyptus to banksias and rainforest species. 

Put it all together and Australian Honey - the raw kind - is a pot of Australian gold. So if you’re wanting to send a uniquely Australian Made, Australian tasting gift, Australian Made Honey straight from the bush definitely fits the bill. 

Miellerie Leatherwood Honey

Australian Gift #4 Wine 

The great land of Oz is home to world renowned wine regions like Barossa Valley, Margaret River, Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale and Yarra Valley. We have 60+ wine regions that produce more than 100 different grape varieties. And we’re home to some of the world’s oldest vines. 

Oh and we’re also the fifth largest wine producer in the world with more than 60% of our wines are sold internationally. Safe to say that Australia is winning on the wine front. Because we are. Forget Tuscany and forget Bordeaux - year after year Australia sweeps the wine awards.  

So, if you’re looking for a more extravagantly unique Australian gift, hunt down a high quality, small-batch Aussie wine producer. And, if you want to be extra kind, try giving them organic wine - so they don’t have to deal with any hangovers!   

Ten Minutes By Tractor Wine

Australian Gift #5 Chocolate 

There are plenty of unique Australian food gifts out there. But let’s not detour too far from popular tastes. Chocolate is always a winner. And luxurious chocolate even more so. 

When it comes to Aussie chocolate tastes at the moment, the public mood runs along the lines of - Organic - Raw - Single Origin - Handmade - Artisanal - Locally Sourced - Sustainably Produced… you get the gist. The finest quality chocolate is in vogue. And mostly the healthy(er) kinds. 

So, if you know your fair share of sweet tooths back home, treat them to some high-quality chocolate that tastes as luxurious as it costs. Australian Made, Australian Grown, Australian Loved. 

Hey Tiger Fairy Wings


Vegan fairy bread dark chocolate by Hey Tiger

Australian Gift #6 Kombucha  

If you’ve been living in Australia, all signs point to you knowing what Kombucha is. The fermented beverage has taken the Australian market by storm, hurricane and cyclone. And just like the fermentation process it shows no signs of slowing down.  

Kombucha has rapidly become one of the most influential players in the Aussie beverage scene. And the test of time has shown it to be more than just a fad. Particularly seeing as Kombucha’s now a standard staple in cafes and groceries across the country. 

So give your overseas folks a taste of Australia’s Kombucha crazed market. As is the case with the polarising Kombucha taste, you’re friends and family will either love it or hate it. But hey, that’s the cost of individuality. And if you want to make your Kombucha gifting even more Aussie, manufacturers are starting to experiment with native flavours. Kakadu Plum anyone? 

Mailer & McGuire Victoria Hops Kombucha

Final Words For Your Gift Quest

If your going to buy Australian… do it right. 

It’s time to cut ties with the green and gold packaging, the violet crumbles, the indigenous novelties that are little more than cultural appropriation, and whatever other touristy (and tasteless) non-Australian gifts you’ve sent over the years.  

Send a bit of Australia that actually reflects Australia. And when it comes to the world of unique Australian gift ideas, there’s plenty of high quality Australian Made products to choose from. 

So get with the times and follow the Australian product trends. Send your overseas posse a more genuinely Australian gift, that tastes genuinely Australian, that they’ll genuinely like.