Why Personalised Corporate Gifts Are More Important Than Ever

Why Personalised Corporate Gifts Are More Important Than Ever

Let's get things straight. It's pretty fair to say that corporate gifts should be part of your business strategy for a whole bunch of reasons we're about to dive in to. But you know what's more important? That personalisation. The communication of your brand that speaks volumes about your culture in the non-tackiest way possible. Luckily for you, whether it's for employee gifts or business partners, this is exactly what we do best. Here's why you should be gifting personalised corporate gifts.

1. Good for Relationships Within the Workplace

Going the extra mile with little things like personalising corporate gift baskets makes a huge difference in how others feel about relationships in the workplace. Relationships are a core part of human nature and work relationships are no different. In fact, positive relationships in the workplace can do a lot for improving productivity and employee engagement levels. 

It's important that these relationships are valued and appreciated. What better way to show that than through the art of corporate gifting? From birthdays to milestones to even a cheeky Friday drinks gift here and there, you can make your team feel even more incredible about your brand. And let's just say, watch their interest, focus and loyalty towards your company and its culture skyrocket. Improving employee relations actually will result in higher retention rates and reduced turnover rates, so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to do the little things like personalising corporate gift baskets. 

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’re trying to score a new client, imagine how much difference it would make to send a personalised corporate gift basket? A personalised gift basket full of a potential client’s favourite foods will definitely be favoured over a generic gift basket. In fact you can use personalised corporate gifting as a way to help build what your brand is all about. You could curate from a selection of small batch gifts that give back or from women-led hampers, adding a unique twist that truly separates you from generic supermarket products. You know the ones we're talking about. Mass-produced and shipped from all over the world for a wicker basket wrapped in huge amounts of plastic. 

We're not about that, and with us you can really stand out from the crowd. From personalising our biodegradable boxes to crafting up a special gift with us out of our delicious and sustainable products, we take it to that extra level. 

3. It Makes Gift-Giving (and Receiving) Fun and Creative

There are so many different opportunities in the corporate calendar for gift giving. And often,  you don’t want to gift something that a colleague, client or employee has already received. As we've said before, you want to step outside the box. For example, when it comes to maternity leave hampers, you could probably guarantee that those mum-to-bes have already received a bunch of hand creams. So why not shake it up a little bit with a thoughtful care package packed with unique goodies you can't get anywhere else all in one place. 

Putting the time into creating something personal, and using positive workplace experiences to do so, can be a really fun experience. Especially if you get the rest of the team involved as well. A personalised corporate gift basket filled with goodies like a colleagues favourite desk snack, or a bottle of their go-to wine for after-work drinks, shows how well you know them.

4. Personalising Corporate Gift Baskets is Memorable

When looking back on birthdays spent in the workplace, you probably don’t remember who gave you that special set of pens or the new mouse pad. But they’ll always remember that time you gave them a gift box full of farmer's markets favourites. Bonus points if they're products you know they'd fawn over. Because hey, there's a bunch of things that can go wrong when buying a corporate gift, so that's why a food hamper with us is the answer. A customised corporate gift basket certainly ticks the memorable box.

5. Suits Any Occasion

The fact that a personalised corporate gift hamper suits any occasion is reason enough for you to spoil your team. From selecting a wine hamper for a newly wedded employee to mouthwatering handcrafted corporate gifts for clients who've been with you for a while, there's a whole bunch of occasions that make corporate gifting more important than ever. It all comes down to making a connection and showing that you care in more ways than one.

So let's get the ball rolling. Explore our wide range of personalised corporate gifts right here!