Host An Event With Our Wine Gift Hampers

Host An Event With Our Wine Gift Hampers

Hosting an event at your place can be stressful. Trying to figure out what snacks to buy, what to make for the main course, and of course what wines to have. At Pretty Green, we can take some of the stress out for you with our luxurious wine gift hampers. The hampers each come with a unique bottle of Dirt Candy Wine, a small-batch, artisan wine producer from the Hunter Valley, along with an array of snacks and other goodies. These hampers will start many conversations at your event because all the products are local and sustainable too!

Let’s Catch Up

It says it all in the name, but this wine gift hamper is perfect for catching up with your mates who you haven’t seen in a while. Bring it out at your next event and bond over the delicious Tuscan Risotto by From Basque With Love, “Best Mates” Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn chocolate by Hey Tiger, and a bottle of “The Pink Panther” from Dirt Candy Wine. “The Pink Panther” is a Petillant Naturel Pink Blend made with zero additives or filtering, giving off aromas of red berries with a spritzy palate of berries and a crisp clean finish. This hamper includes:

-       Dirt Candy "The Pink Panther"

-       Hey Tiger "Best Mates" Chocolate

-       From Basque With Love Tuscan Risotto


Wine O’Clock

For your next event, this wine hamper has you sorted and will get the conversation flowing (along with the wine of course). With a bottle of “The Wild One” by Dirt Candy Wine and some sweet and savoury snacks by Jam Lady Jam and Port Willunga Fine Foods, it’s ideal for an event. “The Wild One” is a medium-bodied Shiraz Cabernet blend with a deep red colour, a mocha nose and a hint of bay leaf. This hamper includes:

-       Dirt Candy "The Wild One"

-       Jam Lady Jam Blackberry Shiraz Jam

-       Port Willunga Fine Foods Fleurieu Kalamata Olives


Change The Game

For the chilled events where you just have an effortlessly good time, this is the hamper you’re looking for. With a block of delicious vegan hazelnut chocolate from Hey Tiger and a bottle of “The Game Changer” Rosé from Dirt Candy Wine, this wine gift hamper is simple yet everything you’re looking for. “The Game Changer” has a pink hue with a light savoury nose, an earthy palate with red currants and a long, dry finish. This hamper includes:

-       Dirt Candy "The Game Changer" Rosé

-       Hey Tiger “The Game Changer” Vegan Dark Hazelnut Butter Chocolate


Love, Your Favourite

This wine hamper has it all! Featuring a bottle of “The Favourite” Vermentino by Dirt Candy Wine, a crisp, savoury white wine with pear aromas, flavours of citrus and green apple and a textural mouthfeel. Also coming with some crackers, relish, and chocolate, your guests will be loving this at your event. This wine hamper includes:

-       Jam Lady Jam Sherry and Onion Relish

-       Winestains Picnic Stake For Two

-       Hey Tiger “Best Mates” Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn Chocolate

-       Dirt Candy "The Favourite" Vermentino

-       LOKA Fine Foods Italian Cheese and Herb Crackers


The Prodigy

This simple wine gift hamper is the perfect addition to your next event. With a block of Hey Tiger’s “Hello Officer” whisky and smoke flavoured chocolate, and a bottle of Dirt Candy’s “The Prodigy” Semillon, everyone will be chilling out and letting the good vibes flow. “The Prodigy” is a refreshing take on a classic Semillon. It has lemongrass aromas with hints of lemon zest and fresh acidity. This wine gift hamper includes:

-       Dirt Candy "The Prodigy" Semillon

-       Hey Tiger “Hello Officer” Whisky and Smoke Chocolate


At Pretty Green, we have you sorted for your next event with our wine gift hampers filled with unique Australian products. Have a look at our wine gift hampers and choose the best hamper for your next event.