Gourmet Food Hampers To Get A Kick Out Of In Melbourne

Gourmet Food Hampers To Get A Kick Out Of In Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of so many possibilities, it is the cultural epicentre of Australia, with so much art, music, food, and much more, to consume. It is the perfect place to explore within yourself and branch out from your bubble to try new things. At Pretty Green, we have a delicious selection of food hampers that are perfect to be enjoyed in the many beautiful parts of Melbourne. Our food hampers are filled with all Australian produce and are best enjoyed with your loved ones. We have put together a list of some of our favourite Melbourne locations, and the best food hamper to take with you!


Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens is a heritage-listed site home to many wildlife and featuring some stunning architecture true to their late nineteenth century beginnings. This cultural spot is a popular picnic location, and what better way to celebrate a well-seasoned Melbourne garden than with one of the Well Seasoned Traveller food hampers. Enjoy a couple of beers from Tasmanian brewery, Moo Brew and you’ll be relaxing in these striking gardens. This hamper includes:

-       Olsson's Well Seasoned Traveller Assorted Salt and Seasoning

-       Drunken Sailor Confit Onion and Bourbon Relish

-       Sabrac Water Buffalo Spice Rub

-       2 x Moo Brew Pilsners


St Kilda Beach

Melbourne’s most famous beach, St Kilda Beach has lots to offer with the boardwalk, the pier, and the nice sandy shoreline. Bring along one of the Summer In The City gourmet hampers and take in the atmosphere of this iconic Melbourne beach. Featuring a Hanky Panky cocktail from Canberra-based Bar Rochford and some snacks to accompany, this is the perfect hamper. It includes:

-       Bar Rochford Hanky Panky Cocktail 180ml

-       Django Macadamias Mekong Macadamias

-       Hey Tiger 'Best Mates' Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn


Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North

Edinburgh Gardens is a large park located in North Fitzroy that covers approximately 24 hectares of land. It was created in 1862 by Queen Victoria and boasts a lot of history. What better place to enjoy one of the That's Gin-tastic! gourmet hampers to take in Melbourne’s historical landscape. With a bottle of sheep whey gin from Tasmania’s Grandvewe Hartshorn Distillery and some yummy mixers, this is the perfect way to spend your time in Edinburgh Gardens. This hamper includes:

-       Kookas Natural Orange Hazelnut Cookies

-       Strangelove Dirty Tonic

-       Strangelove Salted Grapefruit

-       Grandvewe Hartshorn Distillery Sheep Whey Gin

Abbotsford Convent

Abbotsford Convent is Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct—a place of art, culture, and learning. It spans over 16 acres of land, and has some amazing landscapes, among its rich history. Soak in the culture of this Melbourne hotspot with one of the It’s Summer Lime food hampers. Featuring two non-alcoholic beers from Sobah, Australia’s first non-alcoholic craft beer company (I mean this did used to be a convent after all) and some other nibbles. This hamper includes:

-       Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner

-       Sobah Finger Lime Cervaza

-       Django Macadamias 6 Piece Mixed Chocolate Macadamias

-       Wondaree Sour Cream Macadamias


Treasury Gardens, East Melbourne

One of Melbourne’s oldest parks, Treasury Gardens is a heritage-listed site filled with masses of stunning trees, so many so that there is parts of the garden that feature avenues of mature trees along the crossing paths, forming a 'cathedral' or 'tunnel' effect. Bring along one of the Green Demon gourmet hampers to really make the most of this Melbourne park. With a few beers and some snacks, this hamper is ideal for just chilling out. We’ve even thrown in a couple of vegan condoms, but make sure you go home first to use them! This hamper includes: 

-       Hop Nation J Juice Neipa

-       Moo Brew Pale Ale

-       The Fermentalist Jalapeno Hot Sauce

-       2 x Jonny Single Vegan Condoms

-       Drunken Sailor Canning Co Jalapeno and Tequila Relish

-       Hey Tiger Hello Officer Whisky and Smoke Vegan Dark Chocolate


Take in all the culture there is to see in Melbourne with a gourmet food hamper from Pretty Green. See our entire range to choose the perfect hamper for you!