Get Your Caffeine Fix With Our Coffee Gift Sets

Get Your Caffeine Fix With Our Coffee Gift Sets

The coffee culture in Australia is off the charts, so naturally, people are pretty picky with their choice of brew. Being a nation of coffee lovers means that we are home to some of the best single-origin blends in the world. Here at Pretty Green, we take our coffee seriously too and only support the very best local coffee roasters. Along with our favourite Aussie-made treats to pair with your delicious coffee, we have put together some amazing coffee gift sets for you to share with your loved ones (or keep to yourself!)


Caffeine Fix

This coffee gift set is perfect for the people in your life who love their coffee on its own. They love the complexity of the flavours from the coffee blend itself and are happy taking all that in, in its purest form. The Honey Pot Blend from Barrel One is a delicious combination of roasted almonds, honey, blackberry and dark cocoa, so they’ll be sure to taste all the different flavours when enjoying this simple coffee gift set! Barrel One Coffee Roasters is a roasting house located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, so the blend is nice and local too. This gift set includes:


-       Barrel One Honey Pot Blend 250g

-       Medium Ceramic Clay Cup with White Crackle Glaze by Clay by Tina


Brekkie in Bed

Who doesn’t love Brekkie in Bed? There’s nothing that says relaxing like a good sleep in and some amazing coffee. One of these luxurious coffee gift sets will definitely make someone feel special, featuring Barrel One’s Honey Pot Blend coffee, add some cinnamon syrup from Brix Distillers to take your morning coffee to the next level. Brix Distillers cinnamon syrup is made from the cinnamon they use for their spiced rum, so you know the quality is good! Maybe you can take a tip out of our book and experiment with your own espresso martini? This gift includes:


-       Django Macadamia Macadamia Butter

-       Malfroy's Gold Soft Set Honey

-       Brix Distillers Cinnamon Syrup

-       Barrel One Coffee Honey Pot Blend

-       Twins Pantry Honey Berry Granola

 Woman in jeans and a sweater holds a black coffee on a saucer

Get Barrelled

There’s no better way to start your day than with some raw goodness peanut butter from Alfie’s Food Co. and a mesmerising coffee from Barrel One. Barrel One Coffee Roasters only back self-sustaining farmer co-operatives and believe that farmers should have inter-cropping systems in place. Barrel One understands the importance of environmental sustainability, so you can have peace of mind that your coffee is doing good while making you feel good too! The Get Barrelled coffee gift sets include:


-       Barrel One Honey Pot Blend 250g

-       Alfie's Food Co Crunchy Peanut Butter

-       Medium Clay by Tina Ceramic Cup with White Crackle Glaze


Morning Kickstarters

Some of us need that extra little nudge in the morning to get us going, and if that’s the case for you or someone you know, this is the coffee gift set for them. It includes Solera Blend coffee beans from Barrel One, which is a blend of sweet cocoa, dried apricot and raisin acidity, paired with a block of beautiful vegan hazelnut dark chocolate from social enterprise, Hey Tiger. Finishing off with a handmade ceramic glaze cup from Clay By Tina, your morning is guaranteed to start with a bang! This gift includes: 


-       Barrel One Solera Blend Coffee Beans

-       Hey Tiger, 'The Game Changer' Hazelnut Butter Vegan Dark Chocolate

-       Clay By Tina Ceramic Glaze Cup


Breakfast In Bed

For the coffee connoisseur, this is one of the best gifts they could get! With Barrel One’s Honey Pot Blend and Twins Pantry honey berry granola, what else could you possibly need? Oh, that’s right, some almond mylk base from Northern Beaches business, Ulu Hye! Just add a little bit of water to the base and you have created your own almond milk! Magic.


-       Twins Pantry Honey Berry Granola

-       Ulu Hye Almond Mylk

-       Barrel One Honey Pot Blend Coffee Beans


At Pretty Green, we have all of your coffee and breakfast needs sorted. Whether you like to enjoy your coffee on its own, or a full healthy breakfast, we have you covered. Have a look at all of our coffee gift sets on our website and pick the perfect gift for your loved ones.