Why Food Hampers Are The Way To The Heart This Valentine’s Day

Why Food Hampers Are The Way To The Heart This Valentine’s Day


Here at Pretty Green, we feel that Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. It’s a day where all relationships can and should be celebrated! Luckily for you, and whoever you choose to spend the day with, we have some pretty delicious food hampers for you and your favourite. Check out our top seven food hampers perfect for Valentine’s Day.


1. You’re My Jam 

Breakfast hamper with coffee, granola, jam and cacao spread

Knock your lover's socks off with something they won't expect, a breakfast in bed combo for the ages. The king of romance or queen, has hit the building. It doesn't get much better than this on a lazy Sunday morning let us tell you. But hey, if you don't have a lover this time around - spoil your roommate instead. You both deserve it.

Jam packed (literally) with delicious treats, your V Day will be off to a pretty good start. Whip out The Twins Pantry’s Honey Berry Granola with a side of toasted sourdough, and  spread some of Lori's Wholesome Pantry Choc Cacao Watermelon Seed Butter and Jam Lady Jam’s Raspberry Grappa all over. You won't be disappointed. Don’t forget the coffee! Included is the Barrel One Coffee Roaster’s Honey Pot Blend, a sweet, creamy flavour that'll kickstart your day better than the rest.


2. I’m My Valentine 

Self love hamper with chocolate, tea and bath salts


Who said Valentine's Day is just for lovers? Nah, we're not about that. If you’re on your own, we reckon you should treat yourself for sure.  It’s just as important to celebrate your relationship with yourself, so why not give yourself a bit of extra love this V Day! The 'I’m My Valentine' food hamper is the ultimate self-care vibe. Draw yourself a bath and sprinkle some of Maple and Mint’s Jasmine and Rose Bath Salts. Relax and listen to your favourite playlist, whilst enjoying a warm cup of T Totaler’s Organic Relax Tea. And have a few cheeky nibbles of the limited edition Hey Tiger Co and Flex Mami collaboration chocolate bar that comes with three question cards, all for you.


3. Best Mates Forever 

Best friends hamper with wine, wine holder and chocolate


Best mates count as soul mates too! From celebrating your big wins to being there when you need them most, they've always got your back. So let us help you help make your mates feel special. The 'Best Mates Forever' food hamper is made up of all sorts of goodies that will definitely lead to having a blast. Pour yourselves a smooth glass of The Wild One Shiraz by Dirty Candy and share a block of the delicious ‘Best Mates’ Caramelised Popcorn and Coconut Chocolate by Hey Tiger. We don't reckon there's a better match out there than wine and chocolate!  Add some extra fun with Flex Mami’s reflex cards that aim to spark authentic conversations between you and your mates.


4. Olive You

Picnic hamper with wine, crackers, relish and olives


We're all about picnics here at Pretty Green. From lovers to mates to colleagues, it's an all round crowd pleaser of a gift. And let's be real, our work wives and husbands are just as important as our real partners. So say Olive You with our food hamper packed with mouthwatering nibbles that'll turn V day into an absolute hit. Trust us, Drunken Sailor’s Beetroot and Gin Relish goes amazingly with the Rosemary and Sea Salt Crackers by LOKA Foods. Oh, and the main attraction, Fleurieu Kalamata Olives by Port Willunga Fine Foods, are next level.


5. You’re Neat

Cocktail hamper with old fashioned cocktail, whisky picallili, chocolate, dehydrated citrus and ice tray


Remind your lover it's cool to be a little old fashioned this Valentine's Day with this vegan food hamper. We’ve got you covered. A fresh pour of the Bar Rochford's Old fashioned gets smoother with every sip, especially with our  homemade dehydrated citrus for garnish. For a luxury bar experience at home, the silicone ice tray sets it all up exactly right. Plus, the Hello Officer Whisky and Smoke Chocolate by Hey Tiger will complement the cocktail like a dream. 


6. Netflix and Chill

Wine hamper with chocolate, condoms and popcorn


Tick off all check points and take it to the next level the next time around there’s a Netflix and Chill session with your lover/mate/no strings attached/whatever you guys are. There's no rules here. Forget the extravagant fancy restaurants and over-the-top bouquet of flowers, instead enjoy a night in with our 'Netflix and Chill' food hamper. It’s got everything you need - literally. Pop on a classic (movie, that is) and have some of The Fizz Blanc de Blanc by Dirt Candy. You've got to set the right tone for the evening. Delight your taste buds with some Salted Caramel Popcorn by Poetry Fine Foods and Hey Tiger’s ‘And Chill’ Cocoa Crumb & Macadamia Chocolate. We’ve even chucked in some Johnny’s too - we’ll leave the rest up to you. 


7. You’re Gin-Credible 

Gin cocktail hamper with relish, chocolate macadamias and tonics


This is one of Pretty Green’s best sellers, and for good reason. The “You’re Gin-Credible” hamper is packed with a bunch of our favourites and will make any Valentine’s Day event a vibe. It includes a Sheep Whey Gin which is carefully infused with a rare blend of Aussie botanicals, and we’ve added some of Strangelove’s Dirty Tonics as the ideal mixer. Garnish with some dehydrated strawberries that are heart-shaped just for V Day. Throw in some small batch chocolate macadamias and the world's your oyster. 

So make your Valentine’s Day gift extra special this year with one of Pretty Green’s food hampers! Any one of these seven gifts will suit any V Day occasion with whoever you choose to hang with. So grab one of these food hampers and have yourself a sweet Valentine’s Day this year.