Discover Sydney With A Thoughtful Vegetarian Hamper

Discover Sydney With A Thoughtful Vegetarian Hamper

If you or someone you know is vegetarian, and you’re keen to indulge in some veggie treats and snacks, then Pretty Green is the place for you. We have some pretty cool gift hampers that we reckon are perfect to enjoy in and around Sydney. So grab one of our gift baskets and visit some of our favourite places around Sydney - you can thank us later. 

Camping With Mates In The Blue Mountains 

What’s better than a weekend away camping with mates? Not much we reckon. The Blue Mountains is a stunning place, just a little over an hour drive from Sydney’s CBD. This hidden gem is surrounded by amazing bushland with some hectic hiking trails and places to camp. Murphys Glen Campground is a secluded and peaceful campground in the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park - it’s the ideal spot to get away from the rush of the city. At Pretty Green, we believe that just because you’re camping does not mean you have to miss out on a delicious meal - we actually think the opposite, and our ‘All The Gear But No Idea’ gift basket proves this!

This gift basket is packed with wholesome, small-batch goodies that will elevate any campsite fire meal. From Basque With Love’s ‘Tuscan Risotto’ is made with organic Italian herbs and spices and is full of flavour. Pair that with JimJam’s ‘Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce’, which is made with authentic and natural ingredients - your dinner will be a definite 10/10. If you and your mates are fans of a bit of spice, then why not add a bit of The Fermentalist’s ‘Reaper Hot Sauce’ for a bit more of a kick. With this gift basket, your camping weekend away with your besties in the Blue Mountains will be one to remember. 

An Afternoon By The Ocean

It’s no lie that there are so many places to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean in Sydney, but Clovelly Beach is a special spot, unlike any other Sydney beach. It is small and tranquil, and if you’re not a fan of sand, then you can relax on the concrete platforms. It’s such a nice spot to swim and get a bit of a tan. Pretty Green’s ‘It’s Summer Lime’ a gift basket that is made for a summer afternoon by the beach - we swear! 

We’ve added two of Sobah’s refreshing non-alcoholic beer - they both taste like summer in a can. Enjoy the taste of refreshing, citrusy craft beer, without the fear of a hangover! Now what’s a day at the beach without some epic snacks right? That’s why we’ve included some of our favourite nibbles. Wondaree’s ‘Sour Cream Macadamias’ are the ultimate savoury treat, and if you’re also after something a bit sweeter as the afternoon continues we’ve also added Django’s ‘6 Piece Mixed Chocolate Macadamias’ - they are delicious! This gift basket paired with an afternoon of sun, salt water and whoever you choose to spend it with, will definitely be good vibes. 

Park Fun

Enjoying a day in the park with the family is always fun and we’re spoiled for choice with places to visit when it comes to parklands in Sydney. Parramatta Park is a perfect place for friends and family to gather on a weekend afternoon and have a picnic. There are plenty of green, open spaces for you to roll out your picnic rug. There’s also playgrounds for littlies to enjoy. You and your family can go for a walk or cycle and explore the park. There's a 3.2km pathway that loops through the park. After that bit of exercise you’ll be deserving of some tasty snacks. Our ‘Picnic Daze’ gift basket would be an ideal addition to this outing. 

After that bike ride or walk, one of Ashbolt’s ‘Tasmanian Sparkling Elderflower’ drinks will go down a treat. You can have it in a glass and pop it in the Winstains’ ‘Picnic Stake For Two’ - such a handy piece of equipment to have on a picnic! Port Willunga Fine Foods’ ‘Fleurieu Kalamata Olives’ are deliciously salty, you won’t want them to end. For the sweet tooths, we’ve also included Kookas Natural ‘Raw Macadamia Cookies’ - the perfect sweet treat without the guilt! Imagine soaking up some rays whilst enjoying this gift basket with your loved ones - nothing will beat it! 

We’ve given you a few pretty cool options but truthfully, we have such an amazing range of gift baskets that will really suit any occasion, anywhere, anytime! So go on, go out and explore what Sydney has to offer, and take one of Pretty Green’s gift baskets with you - to make it extra special!