Picking The Perfect Pairings For Your Chocolate Gift Hampers

Picking The Perfect Pairings For Your Chocolate Gift Hampers


Look, when it comes to picking out the perfect chocolate gift hamper, you've got to make sure that your chocolate is perfectly paired. That's our number one tip. And luckily for you, we do the hard yards for you by carefully curating the most delicious combo. 

At Pretty Green, we go that extra mile with our hampers. It's pretty rare to come across someone who isn't a fan of chocolate. And even if it's not always their thing, we bet our chocolate gift hampers will convince them otherwise. Hook, line and centre. That's our impact. 

Handmade Chocolate Hampers

Whether it’s for a clients birthday or to celebrate an employees promotion, our hampers have got you sorted. Go beyond the everyday mass produced chocolate you see in supermarkets shipped from overseas. Gift your team with something different. How does handmade chocolate paired with small-batch Australian products from Pretty Green sound?

We've searched far and wide all over the country for our unique selection. Why? Because not only do we have such an incredible range of goodies from our own soil, but the more personalised a corporate gift is, the better it is for your brand.

So let's not beat around the bush anymore. What are our top pairings you ask? Well, you can't go past a herbal tea. One of our favourites is the Organic Relax Tea Jar by T Totaler. It's perfect for unwinding after a busy day at the office. This blend of relaxing chamomile, peppermint, roses, calendula and lemongrass helps provide a refreshing and peaceful sleep.

Now throw in the And Chill chocolate by Hey Tiger and that's one hell of a good onboarding corporate gift. Just raring to be eaten at the end of a long day. The roasted Macadamias are coated in silky white chocolate and mixed with a dark salty cocoa crumb. Plus, Hey Tiger is one of our favourite products that gives back. They're a social enterprise that's donated more than $250k to The Hunger Project in Ghana. Now that's a pretty sweet deal for a chocolate gift hamper.

 Collection herbal tea by T Totaler beside handmade chocolate

How To Find the Perfect Chocolate Gift Hamper

Whatever the reason or occasion, we've got your back. If you're on the budget-friendly side, we'll meet you more than halfway. If you're keen to go all out, we'll splurge as much as you want us too. If there are dietaries like vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free, we'll cater to that.From a classic medium-bodied Shiraz Cabernet to fluffy popcorn coated in crispy butterscotch, and everything-in-between. You give us the details, and we'll curate a bunch of chocolate gift hamper options for you if you can't find what you're looking for!

Picking Chocolate Gift Hampers That Send A Message

At Pretty Green, we're all about food for thought. We believe that a hamper can say so much more than welcome to the team or happy birthday. When handpicked handmade chocolate sourced from Australian producers and farmers is involved, it makes it that little more special. If you team up with us, the clear message you'll be sending to your team is that you value and appreciate them. 

One of our most popular chocolates are by Django, a farmer who runs a macadamia plantation in Tallowood Grove. He smothers his creamy Australian macadamias with assorted flavours like milk, dark and white chocolate with davidson plum. Incredibly moreish, they won't last long but damn, they're memorable. They'll leave a lasting impact, that's for sure. 

A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to corporate gifting, we're talking mugs with company logos that won't be used and fridge magnets that get tossed out. So that's why a food hamper is the answer. Our ethos lies in handcrafted wholesome food and we source our products straight from those who make them. So rest assured our chocolate gift hampers are not only yummy, but they’re full of products that ooze all handcrafted love that's kind to the planet. 

Collection of alcohol like wine that pairs well with handmade chocolate

Matching Snacks To Go With Your Chocolate Gift Hamper

Whether it's a pick-me-up for your colleague or celebrating a work anniversary with a client, we've got unique and delicious snacks to perfect pair with our chocolate range. Take our peanut butter and pretzel chocolate as an example. You can go for a breakfast care package vibe, by pairing it with our smooth macadamia butter and exotic raspberry grappa jam. Or, you could go for a snacker's heaven chocolate gift hamper. For those that like s heat fix, you can throw in chipotle macadamias and award-winning, fermented watermelon hot sauce. The possibilities are endless. 

Chocolate and wine go hand in hand. Whether it's Friday Drinks or celebrating team rewards, this combo is an all-round, crowd pleaser. Now, we know you're thinking of brands from overseas when it comes to high quality wine, but we actually do wine here in Australia, pretty damn well. A bottle of Fizz by Dirt Candy for celebrations goes down a treat or a vegan pet nat for casual after-work drinks. Pair it with our chocolates, and it's a real show-stopper. 

So go on then, let's make that corporate gifting strategy happen with one of our hampers! Any one of our chocolate gift hampers will make someone's day.