Christmas Gift Baskets That Will Please The Whole (Fussy) Family

Christmas Gift Baskets That Will Please The Whole (Fussy) Family


It’s the same question every year: what Christmas gift do you buy that will suit the whole family? This dilemma comes about because it is so tricky to find a gift that will include each family member. Your everyday Christmas basket can skip-out on something for the kids. But not Pretty Green Christmas baskets! We have hampers that include a little something for everyone! 

When it comes to Christmas shopping for a family, we know that it’s not as simple as just purchasing a generic, fail-safe gift and hoping for the best. So, we have a few steps that will help you out! 


mum with two kids on an adventure in the mountains

Step 1. Determine What Type of Family They Are?

It’s important to take stock of what type of family you need to find a gift for. 

Are they married? 

Do they have kids?

How old are they?

How many family members are there? 

Families come in all shapes and sizes. There are many possibilities, which means that there are many gift options. Now you need to figure out what the family enjoys. And let us tell you, there's nothing better than buying Christmas hampers from small-batch Australian businesses like ours.


Family gathering at a Christmas lunch

Step 2. Figure Out What Their Interests Are?

Many families tend to have at least one thing that each member has in common. 

Are they a family that loves spending time outdoors? 

Do they like to get creative in the kitchen?

Do they love to travel?

Are they campers?

Do they have family movie nights?

Families that play together, stay together. And what better way to bring a family together, than with a gift that sparks their shared interest! Better yet, you can fully avoid the mad rush that is Christmas shopping, by shopping online with us. Win win! Now you need to determine the gift to match.


Woman holding a Pretty Green Gift Box

Step 3. Decide On The Perfect Gift!

It’s time to combine the information that you have gathered and figure out what the perfect gift for the special family is!

Here are some gifts that will bring some pretty high levels of joy to their homes this Christmas:

  • For The Adventurous Family: Why not surprise the whole family with a camping trip by the coast or out bush? Pair that with one of our prime outdoor themed hampers so they can get their adventure fix and create some special memories.
  • For The Family That Loves To Cook: Host a family cook up of a delicious meal that you know everyone loves with premium, Australian products. Luckily for you, Pretty Green cooking gifts are exactly that. It really is a two-for-one, as they get to bond as family, and then share a delicious meal as a result of their hard work.
  • For The Family That Likes To Stay Up On Christmas Eve: A Christmas basket, like Comet, can be enjoyed while they watch the Carols By Candlelight and attempt to keep their eyes open for the late screening. 

Still not sure what the right gift is? Here are some Pretty Green gift baskets that will make this Christmas a special one. 

  • The Dancer Christmas Basket: This is for the family, where everyone is over 18, that love to sit on their designated sections of the couch, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the newest movie on Netflix. Complete with popcorn and the ingredients for a festive espresso martini. 
  • The Italian Night Basket: This is for the family who always reminisces on their trip to Italy last year. They ate pasta for every meal and always ended the day with some gelato. 
  • The Just Add Cheese Basket: This is for the family that likes to pack the car with the essentials and head out to their favourite picnic spot. They can open up with a basket after they've found the perfect location and settled in!
  • The Dasher Christmas Basket: This is for the family that has their weekend ritual of pancakes and crosswords in the morning. They can enjoy their favourite breakfast with some added festive flavour.

And if you're on a budget, be sure to check out our best Christmas hampers under $100 for the whole family, for those of you that are strapped for cash. Either way, the special families in your life should prepare to receive a wonderful gift from you this year, because you are now ready to determine the perfect Christmas basket to make each one of them smile from ear to ear!

If you like the sound of a Christmas basket as a gift for this holiday season, then you have come to the right place! Check out our extensive collection of gift baskets here.