Celebrate Mother's Day With Hampers From Australia

Celebrate Mother's Day With Hampers From Australia


When we think of Mother’s Day gifts, we generally lean towards flowers and a bottle of champagne. It’s a lovely gift, but it’s kind of overdone. This Mother’s Day, Mum deserves to receive something extra special filled with products that are all from Australia, so what better than one of the carefully curated hampers from Pretty Green?! At Pretty Green, we only choose products that we truly believe in, and one of our biggest requirements is that everything is Australian! So, support our Aussie farmers and producers at the same time as spoiling Mum!

New Mum Hamper

1. Soak Up The Love

This lovely gift is the perfect first Mother’s Day gift. Ideal for the breastfeeding mum, it features some beautiful products that will make any new mum smile. Franjo’s Kitchen is a small business created by two mum friends, Fran and Jo, in 2014. They started making healthy lactation biscuits for themselves to help produce more milk, so their babies could gain weight and quickly realised that this was a great business idea. Fast forward 7 years and they are now an international business! These lactation cookies are the perfect addition to Mother’s Day hampers and they are from Australia! This gift includes:

Tea hamper with a keep cup

2. You Are Mug-nificent

For all the tea lovers out there, this is a great little taster with four tea tubes to test. Along with a jar of leatherwood honey by Tasmanian brand, Miellerie. Miellerie was created by French beekeeper, Yves Ginat in 2005. Miellerie uses only organic and biodynamic beekeeping practices to maintain health and harmony from the hive to the jar. The honey is full of the flavour of the Tasmanian native floras and showcases the floral diversity of Tasmania as the seasons change. Tasting like Australia, having a jar of Miellerie in the Mother’s Day hampers is a must! This hamper includes:

Cocktail hamper

 3. Shaken Not Stirred

If your mum is a martini gal, look no further than this hamper. Along with a martini from Bar Rochford is a cheeky little snack of sour cream macadamias from Wondaree. Wondaree is a macadamia farm in Far North Queensland that first began planting trees in 1984. It takes roughly 4-5 years for a macadamia tree to flower, so the process was slow. In 2006 and 2011, the Wondaree farm was hit by cyclones, wiping out 5500 macadamia trees in the process. These days they are back in production with 2700 trees and making the delicious macadamias that we love. This Mother’s Day get your mum one of the hampers that supports Australian farmers! This includes:

Hot Sauce Hamper

 4. Chill(i) Out

Is your mum a fan of the spicier things in life? This is the Mother’s Day hamper for her! With some watermelon infused spice from Sabarac and harissa paste from Jam Lady Jam, this will definitely spice things up for Mum. Jam Lady Jam began when creator, Lisa O’Connor became ill with tonsillitis and started making her own jam concoctions. Experimenting with different flavour combinations, Jam Lady Jam is now award-winning and sent all across Australia. This Mother’s Day hamper includes:

Tea Hamper

 5. You're Tea-Riffic

We all think our mums are pretty terrific and sending her one of these Mother’s Day hampers full of some of the best products of Australia will definitely tell her that. Django Macadamias are a family business from the NSW Mid-North Coast that believe sustainable and regenerative forms of agriculture are essential in bringing people back into balance with our natural environment. Their homegrown products are of the highest quality and are a great addition to any of the Mother’s Day hampers. This includes:

This Mother’s Day, look beyond flowers and champagne and instead get Mum one of Pretty Green’s luxury hampers filled with only the best products Australia has to offer. See our entire Mother’s Day range and pick your favourite today!