Best Sydney Summer Events To Enjoy A Picnic Hamper

Best Sydney Summer Events To Enjoy A Picnic Hamper

There are many reasons why summer is the most loved of all seasons. The smell of sunscreen, the sweet and seasonal fruit, the longer days, and the various events happening all around! It’s all about being outdoors, spending time with old friends, making new friends, camping, trying out activities that you never have before, delicious hampers, family BBQs, beach days and salty hair.

At Pretty Green, we all love an event where BYO drinks and snacks are appropriate or, even better, encouraged! Here is a round-up of some of our favourite Sydney events that make our summer special and memorable.

Rooftop Bars

Who doesn’t love a beer in the sunshine? Summer means that rooftop bars can finally be enjoyed again! You can sip on a spritz and not have to worry about needing a jacket or scoring a spot close to a portable heater. You’ll never be short of options in Sydney and Melbourne, as Aussie’s have their pick of the litter when it comes to rooftop bars.

Summer Weekend Markets

If leisurely strolling around and discovering local goods and fresh produce tickles your fancy, then a visit to a weekend market should be on your summer to-do list. The Bondi Farmer’s Market or Manly Marketplace are both great options! Make a day of it by taking some hampers with you, pick up some delicious treats from the market stalls, and enjoy your goods down at Manly or Bondi Beach!

Outdoor Cinemas

For most, seeing a film at the cinema is an all-time-favourite pass-time. Especially when you can experience it outside of a cold and dark cinema. The Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park and the Mov’in Boat Floating Cinema at Darling Harbour are popular outdoor Sydney cinemas that pack a crowd each summer. Outdoor cinemas are also a great opportunity to pack some sweet food hampers, filled with chocolate, popcorn and some wine, to enjoy a film in a lush and exciting way.

Music Festivals

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dance all day and night? Australia is lucky to host various music festivals over summer, some dedicated to showcasing particular music genres, others showcasing well-known Aussie talent. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival or Listen Out are both popular festivals that often boast very impressive line-ups of music acts. 

Twilight Zoos

Everyone enjoys a visit to the Zoo, watching the animals interact or simply snooze under a tree. The Twilight at Taronga Zoo is a great way to see the animals, listen to some music and enjoy an evening with friends and family. It’s a great opportunity to pack food hampers and have a picnic with some exotic animals.

River Cruises

Wouldn’t we all love to have the option to jump on a boat and spend the day cruising around and relishing in the sunshine? That’s why river cruises are such a fun way to spend a summer’s day! The Glass Island’s Summer Cruising is a wonderful way to see the Sydney Harbour, sip on cocktails and catch-up with mates.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Summer is full of beach visits and less conservative clothing to combat the heat, which usually that many people look to commit to a fitness routine. Outdoor fitness classes are a great way to get your body moving without being stuck in a stuffy gym. Sign-up to a beachside yoga class, or a running group! You can make some new friends, get your heart rate up, and have an excuse to grab a well-deserved brunch afterwards.

Do we even need to go on? If you weren’t already, surely you’re now convinced that summer is the ultimate season. There are so many fun and summery activities that you can take part in, so start filling up your calendars!

If you have some summer events in mind, you may be thinking of ordering some food and alcohol hampers to take with you. Check out Pretty Green’s extensive range of hampers here, and enjoy a Sydney summer in style!