Baby Basket Gifts Fit For A New Mum

Baby Basket Gifts Fit For A New Mum

Having your first baby is a beautiful, challenging, heart-warming and overwhelming time. The new mum is likely feeling all of these emotions, plus many more, and by sending her a baby basket gift from Pretty Green, you’ll help her feel a bit more at ease and appreciated. Getting advice from everyone from your mother-in-law to the lady sharing your hospital room, to the man who passed you on the street about what to do with your baby can be very stressful, so by sending your loved one who just became a new mum a baby basket that tells her she’s doing amazing just as she is, you’ll truly make her week. 

Soak Up The Love

Being a new mum is quite the adjustment and mums will just want to soak up all the love around them and feed that into their new baby. This baby basket is a great gift for doing that! Mum will feel nourished and relaxed and will therefore be a better mum to bub! Win-win. This basket includes: 

All The Gear But No Idea

For the mum that is straight back into doing everything like normal, this baby basket will at least take some of the edge off and let her enjoy a gourmet dinner that she didn’t have to come up with! Sometimes the only gift you need is a bit of help and TLC. This gift includes:

The Bees Knees

For the new mums that are doubting themselves and their ability as a mum, this baby basket is for them! Tell your friend how good they are doing and that they are the bees knees! Featuring chamomile tea from Love Tea and pure yellow box honey from Malfroy’s Gold, Mum will be having a relaxing tea and feeling like she can conquer motherhood like no other. This gift includes:

Afternoon Delight

This is the ultimate relaxation baby basket for a new mum! She’ll be able to soak in the bath with Maple and Mint’s coconut rose bath milk and a cup of organic relax tea from Sydney tea brand, T Totaler. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long, hard day being a mum. This basket includes:

Bee Mine

For the sweetest new mum, what better gift than this baby basket full of delicious honey! Miellerie is based in Tasmania and is organic, cold-extracted honey. This gift comes with three different variations of their honey, leatherwood, tea tree and Lake Pedder’s nectar. This basket includes:

Adjusting to all the changes of becoming a first-time mum can be overwhelming and stressful, so why not surprise the new mum in your life with a baby basket gift from Pretty Green! Check out our whole range for a full look at everything we have on offer.