When it comes to gifting to someone overseas - friends, family, business partners, clients, delegates - obvious (and obnoxious) Aussie novelties often come to mind. 

These usually take the form of tourist trash; cultural appropriations of indigenous artifacts, green and gold splattered gift hampers, homewares stamped with koalas and gum trees, “G’day Mate” doormats, vegemite lathered food items… do we dare go on? 

But wouldn’t it be nicer, for everyone involved, if you sent the mark of Aussie authenticity... with class? Choosing high-quality Australian Made products may cost you a tad extra. Nonetheless, if you’re going to go to the effort, you may as well do it right.

So, assuming you want to make an impression (the good kind) with your gift giving antics, it’s about time you get familiar with these quality Australian Made products. 

Australian Made Product #1 Craft Alcohol 

Okay so it’s no secret that alcohol is widely (and excessively) indulged in by the Australian population. And so we’ve come up with some creative ways to make our national hobby seem classier. Enter the artisans.  

When it comes to the world of wine, beers, ciders and spirits… we’ve become fond of putting the word ‘Craft’ into the mix. Aka alcohol that’s Handmade, Artisan, High-Quality, and all that is good in this world. And so Aussie drinkers far and wide are snubbing big producers in favour of smaller craft breweries, distilleries and wineries

So take a hint from the court of public opinion. Join the craft revival. And do your overseas giftees a favour - send them a bottle or two of some of our very best, Australian Made, hand crafted, deluxe drops of Willie Smiths Tasmanian Organic Cider or The Sophisticated Beast’s Hugh Pale Ale. For a real taste of Australia. 

Friends gathering for beers at pub

Australian Made Product #2 Jams & Nut Butters

We talk about condiments a little later down the track… but these two get their own section on the gifts for overseas hit list. 

It could be argued that a Love Of Jam is a worldwide phenomenon. Which makes Australian Made jam a great go-to on the (sendable) food front. And Australia has too many bespoke local jam producers to count. With an even bigger jam range. Our go-to’s for the breakfast table include Jam Lady Jam’s Fig & Earl Grey and Ugly Duck’s Orange Coffee Marmalade.

Then there’s the matter of nut butters. In our sugar-free, paleo, vegan, organic, wholesome food mania, Australian Made nut butters have been spurting out left right and center. Australian citizens want ‘Raw’ ‘Organic’, ‘Locally Sourced’, ‘Sustainably Produced’, ‘No Nuts Were Harmed’ nut butters. 

And, as luck would have it, they actually taste really good. Which makes them a great option for sending a bit of Australia across the high seas. So get with the times and go on the hunt for some good old Aussie made jam, nut butter and honey.

Australian Made Product #3 Loose Leaf Teas 

Clearly our convicts roots are still lurking around because when it comes to drinking hot flavoured water, Australians love it. And, in recent years, we’ve gotten pretty creative on the tea front. Particularly when it’s got the word ‘Organic’ on the label. 

If you’re feeling limited for choice, let’s do a little roll call; Sticky Bush Chai, Coconut Lemon Splice, Organic Rosy Mint and even French Earl Grey infused Hot Chocolate… okay that’s one’s a little off the mark, but it’s still tea! Basically, be it combined or seperate blend, the Aussie tea world’s your oyster. 

Not to mention Australian Native tea blends are gaining popularity fast for their taste and medicinal properties. Plus, they scale pretty well on the sustainable Aussie products list. So, if you really want to take things up a notch, these native Australian teas are also Made of Australia. 

Assorted herbal blends of tea

Australian Made Product #4 Miscellaneous Condiments 

Sorry to disappoint but we won’t be talking about vegemite on this one. Reasons being a) Aussies only like it courtesy of socialisation and b) it distracts from the wide world of other Australian products that are just better. 

So gift some condiments that prove Australians actually do have taste buds. If you need a few hints to get the ball rolling - Port Willunga Fine Foods Pinot Grape Wine Conserve goes down a treat on a cheeseboard, Drunken Sailor’s Jalapeno and Tequila Relish is like sending a warm hug and his Guinness Mustard is something to behold… okay enough. Getting hungry now. 

As long as your condiment/s of choice has a few grande staples like ‘Organic’, ‘Locally Sourced’, ‘Home Made’, ‘Hand Made’, ‘Australian Made’... in the title you should be good to go. Add a few awards into the mix and your gourmet gift is a winner. 

Australian Made Product #5 Nuts, and more Nuts.  

Aussie nuts are in abundance. And nothing says ‘the perfect gift’ quite like a good Macadamia. So if you’re still feeling stuck on Australian gift ideas… this is your safest bet. And there’s a big wide world of nuts beyond Almonds.

We’re addicted to Wonderee’s Honey Roasted Macadamias when we’re in the mood for a sweet treat. Django’s Wakame Maca’s also go down well with a nice glass of Australian vino. 

Into The Gifting Future, 

There are plenty of high-quality, organic, sustainable, locally sourced, artisan produced, hand crafted, small-batch, Australian Made gifts out there on the market for your to choose from. The synonyms are endless, so you really have no excuse. So send a product of Australia that will enhance the national identity… not destroy it.