Why Alcohol Hampers are the New Flower Bouquet

Why Alcohol Hampers are the New Flower Bouquet

Why are alcohol hampers the new flower bouquet?

The team at Pretty Green have found that choosing alcohol hampers over flower bouquets as a gift has waaaaay more benefits! For starters, alcohol doesn’t die and lose its petals after a few days…

No, but seriously - when gifting flowers, we seem to do so because it’s easy to pay for something so quick and physically beautiful. But what about its impact on our environment? You’re most likely late to plans and resort to a classic dozen roses for your one year anniversary right?

Completely unaware of the billion dollar profitable global industry that mass produces in lower labour cost countries and covers our flowers in toxic pesticides that eventually end up in the air we breathe. You also probably didn’t know that since these commercial flowers aren’t usually Australian grown but originate from other continents such as South America and Africa, they need to be refrigerated whilst being transported. Refrigerated trucks means more fuel burned, emitting greater carbon dioxide into our pretty planet. We hate to say this but, climate change is real and we’re living and breathing pollution created hundreds of years ago. Yikes!

We know however, choosing alcohol can be a bit more overwhelming than choosing flowers for that special occasion! So, we’ve gotten down to the nitty gritty of our alcohol selection, and even chosen a few for you! You can feel at peace choosing any of our alcohol hampers from Pretty Green because we desire a better planet to live in. Each purchase is a move towards sustainable practices and a prettier, eco-friendly way of living! We’ll happily cheers to that!

Australian-made, sustainable alcohol gifts? Yes, they’re real and guilt free.

Wine Hampers for every occasion

Wine O’Clock

You’ll discover Dirt Candy Wine in a few of our hampers and here’s why: It’s artisan wine, small-batch business run by husband and wife from regional NSW. It can’t get any more romantic than that!

So even if it’s a last-minute thought, be sure our alcohol hampers with Dirt Candy are filled with family fun and love. This alcohol hamper pairs a The Wild One - Shiraz Cabernet - with other small batch products such as Jam Lady Jam’s shiraz jam and Port Willunga Kalamata olives.

If it’s your turn to cook, think BBQ meats, roast lamb and hearty cheese plates. 

Picnic alcohol hamper


Picture Perfect Picnic
The name says it all. This hamper features another favourite from Dirt Candy – The Pink Panther - which is a Pet Nat blend of Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz and Verdelho. Basically, it’s a ‘rose’ and it’s akin to the same effect and smell of a rose. Think fresh, light and the aroma of berries. We’ve included some caramelised popcorn chocolate, smoked macadamias and a wine holder picnic stake! While flowers are temporary – these memories will last a lifetime!  

Whisky, Cocktail and Gin Hampers

The Negroni Effect

The star of this show is Bar Rochford’s premixed Negroni! Take a sip of their Canberra based menu right in the comfort of your home! We’ve included some goodies from our favourite small batch producers, a silicon sphere ice tray and dehydrated citrus garnish from us, so you can recreate the real thing! We doubt a bouquet will ever bring you this much joy! If you’re a fan of their pre-mixed range, we’ve got the Hanky Panky and Vespa in cute alcohol complementing hampers also! Check out ‘Shaken not stirred’ – you’re already on your way with Bar Geek’s Shaker Essentials Antique Range.

Christmas gin hamper

The Rudolph!

Christmas has creeped up quicker than we expected so try to avoid looking like you thought of this last minute with an alcohol hamper featuring the Noble Bootleggers Christmas Pudding Gin. Don’t feel guilty when its origins are locally based in regional Vic by a passionate couple with over 20 years of hospitality experience and an obsession for reinventing small batch cocktails at their distillery. This jolly good pack includes an array of our other amazing small batch producers meaning you’re enjoying fine alcohol, company and contributing to small businesses and our national economy! Wow! 

Beer Gifts for Craft Lovers

Well Seasoned Traveller

Flowers are just so sexist! We think alcohol hampers can be given to just about anyone! (18+ of course) Our alcohol products also come with amazing stories behind them, so you don’t have to talk about the weather… This hamper comes with Moo Brew Pilsner which is brewed in Tasmania by the same guy who created Mona. An island full of natural ales and pilsner goodness. You’ll want to sail down south too once you’ve had a sip. 

Game changer

This pack is so quirky you’ll want to give it to yourself! But have you ever wanted to buy yourself flowers? See? If we haven’t convinced you that she doesn’t really want flowers yet, we will now. Get her a J Juice Beer alcohol hamper for the type that is a little more edgy and rebellious and loves a good craft beer! Quality ingredients brewed around the corner in Melbourne paired with quince, salsa verde, macadamia and chocolate sides. The team at Hop Nation brewery are also always seeking out new ways to reduce their impact on our environment such as water conservation and recycling. Noticing a theme? Sustainability is the new black. It’s cool, it’s hip and it’s here to stay.


Like bouquets, our alcohol hampers are all wrapped up securely and pretty upon purchase. Let us look after your relations and events whether it be an anniversary, Christmas or a newlywed couple. It’s a win-win, really! Unlike bouquet deliveries, our alcohol hampers go through a B-Corp business that carbon offset 100% of deliveries. You can be a little proactive and check out our delivery times set by our mates at Sendle.

Get in quick, it’s a hectic, unpredictable time, but don’t let your choice of gift be!