So let’s set the record straight. We’re Pretty Green, Australia’s online supermarket. And we’re here to make some noise. So get round it and jump on board. We’re changemakers at heart and we’re challenging the status quo. Why? Because the food industry needs one hell of a shake up. And we don’t mind being the ones to do it. We’re sustainable by nature, obtainable by everyone and affordable for all. So join the movement. You ready?

Pretty Green started out as a gift store of small-batch, unique Australian products back in 2019. 
Now we’ve expanded into an online supermarket app too. What’s the go? Well, we’re offering 100% Australian fresh produce and supermarket products at affordable prices straight to your door with free sustainable delivery. That’s pretty damn sweet.

Is that it? Of course not, there’s a lot more to it. So let us break it down for you. We believe in Chew Today, Change Tomorrow. By supporting us, you're helping us fully back local Australian producers and farmers, lower carbon emissions and reduce food waste. The point? To help us make Australia a little more pretty and a lot more green. Here’s what we’re doing today and where we want to be;


100% Australian Fresh Produce
Delivered with Carbon Offset
Reduce Food Wastage
Reuse and Repurpose
Reduce Plastic by Delivering Food Directly
Eco-friendly Products and Brands


100% Electric Delivery Car Fleet
Solar Powered Warehouse
Refillable Product Options
Well Certified
B Corp Certified