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    Collection:Virtual Party Hamper

    Set up the Zoom call, choose your quizmaster and have spend the night connected with good food, delicious drinks and fun memories.
  • Negroni Cocktail Hamper
    Negroni Cocktail Hamper
  • Applewood Gin Hamper
    Applewood Gin Hamper
  • Bar Rochford Cocktail Hamper
  • Gourmet Small Batch Wine Hamper
    Red Wine hamper with chocolate, spices and honey.
  • Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
    Manly Spirits Gin Hamper
  • Deluxe Gin Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Maybe Sammy Deluxe Cocktail Hamper
  • Garden Grown Gin Hamper
    Garden Grown Gin Hamper
  • Shiraz Wine Hamper
  • Bartender Cocktail Kit Hamper
    Bartender cocktail kit with bottle opener and ice mould tray.
Pretty Green


Organising a shindig with your pals over Zoom or Facetime? There's no going wrong with a little group trivia and some local tipple's. 

Missing your friends and want to do something extra special? Can’t celebrate in person? Why not indulge with a virtual party hamper from Pretty Green. 

As a result of the happenings during 2020, there have been some changes to the ways we get to hang out with our friends and families. Whether you’re separated by borders or lockdown restrictions, this probably isn’t the year of socialising you had planned or hoped for. But if this year's taught us anything, it's to not lose sight of what’s really important. And that’s being there for one another. As hard as it is to be separated from your loved ones, it doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate or show your appreciation for each other. 

In the era of isolation, we are finding new and innovative ways to stay connected with those we can’t visit. Whether that be having a wine and dine over zoom with your mates, having a games night over FaceTime or sending surprise care packages – self-isolation has never felt so united. In fact, now would be the best time to go that extra mile and take your virtual hangouts to the next level with a virtual party hamper from Pretty Green. 

Maybe you and your friends are missing your favourite beers from the local bar or the cheeky gin sessions at your favourite joint. Luxe up your virtual hangs with a virtual party hamper that’ll not only make everyone smile, but also allows you to support a variety of Australian businesses who produce local and sustainable products. 

At Pretty Green we’re big believers in Australian-made products, so all of our goodies are lovingly made on our home soil. As we’re sure you’re aware, now more than ever it’s important for us to come together and show our support to our Australian producers. If you’re after something special to send to make a moment special, that’s made to impress and speaks volumes about thoughtfulness, we’ve got you covered. From ready to pour cocktails to make your own. Non-alcoholic beers to small-batch gin and tonics. We've got it all - along with a side of divine local macadamias, popcorn and nibbles to compliment your drinks. 

Without your love for small batch producers and the ability to recognise delicious food and drink when you try it, we wouldn’t be able to support those who make eating it possible. A virtual party hamper from Pretty Green will be perfect for those people in your life who you love to sit down and share food and drinks with, you know who they are! Those friends you like to share a delicious recipe with, or share photos of mouthwatering cocktails with. 

If you're gathering everyone together online for something special (maybe someone just got a promotion) make the virtual party hamper personal. You have the option to leave a note, which we’ll handwrite for you on one of our yellow leaf postcards - making it all the more personalised.

We don’t believe that our lifestyle should hinder that of our local families, farmers and producers. Nor do we believe that the food we put on our tables needs to be transported from other countries. Which is why it would mean so much for you and your friends and family, to be enjoying the same food across different locations. Although far apart physically you’re sharing the same experience together! 

Get into the spirit and share your food and drinks with friends with a virtual party hamper. Just make sure when you cheers the screen you don’t get overexcited and spill it on your keypad!