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    All of our passionate producers hand make their products right here in Australia with years of experience and oodles of love.

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If you’re searching for a high quality, handmade gift using only the finest of ingredients and skill, you’ve come to the right place. Pretty Green is home to a huge selection of lovingly handcrafted, small batch and unique products by local producers you
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Without our incredibly hard working producers with their passionate backgrounds, gripping stories and delectable produce, we wouldn't be Pretty Green. So we've got a lot to thank them for.

At Pretty Green, our 300+ wide range is uniquely crafted exclusively by families, farmers and small businesses spanning Australia. Our producers are dedicated to what they do and we support them because we believe that the extra TLC that goes into every jar, packet or bottle really is what makes our products Pretty Green. 

Our ethos lies in hand-crafted, wholesome food created by families for families. Passionate independent businesses who pour their love, sweat and tears into creating delicious, nourishing produce with the freshest local ingredients really do need to be celebrated and supported at every chance we get. Just like those who receive our amazing gifts, hampers and produce. Our producers are the people who make Pretty Green possible, and it’s supporting them that we believe is the stepping stone to a stronger, more sustainable Australia. Especially as it’s small businesses like theirs that often have to overcome obstacles such as bushfires and droughts. 

To us, sustainability doesn’t just mean eco-friendly. It doesn’t just mean zero waste. And it definitely doesn’t just consider our natural environment. Sustainability, at its core, means that we as consumers are being relied upon to rethink our consumption in order to make a real impact. Whilst we can’t influence the countless sustainability factors we’d like to just yet, making a positive impact on our environment and community starts right at home, and gift giving is one part of life we feel has the opportunity to become a sustainable practice. Forever. We truly believe that every time you spend money on well… anything, you’re casting a vote for the world you want to live in. So we’re excited to see where you cast yours!

Our producers are a group of likeminded people who share a love for fine food, fine friends and fine fun. Just like us. They’re a passionate bunch who we connect with on a deeper level than just through their incredible products. We’ve done our research (...a LOT of research) and discovered the best of the best when it comes to small-batch food in Australia. And from our producer Rosie who makes you kombucha in Sydney to Daniel who makes organic wines in the Hunter Valley and Clinton who brews your non-alcoholic beer in the Gold Coast, we think we’ve got a pretty great team. 

At Pretty Green, we strive to create and nourish relationships directly with our producers, who are more often than not the ones who grow the ingredients, write the recipes, make the product AND pack it by hand. Not to mention run their social media, marketing and logistics in the background. We ensure we source our products straight from those who make them, which means they’re fresh and ooze all the love they deserve, as well as being a little kinder to the planet. 

Our producers really are the heart and soul of our business and whilst we love to make the people who buy and receive our gifts happy as Larry, supporting our producers is our number one priority. Along with eating bloody great food... Are you coming along for the ride?