Collection:MUSTARD & CHUTNEY

    The perfect accompaniment to a hearty burger, a thick cut sandwich and well.. just about everything else.

  • Smokey Tomato Relish
    Smokey Tomato Relish
  • Jalapeño & Tequila Relish
    Jalapeño & Tequila Relish
  • Chipotle and Stout Mustard
    Chipotle and Stout Mustard
  • Harissa Paste
    Harissa Paste
  • Confit Onion & Bourbon Relish
    Confit Onion & Bourbon Relish
  • Raspberry & Wasabi Mustard
    Raspberry & Wasabi Mustard
  • The Maharajas Mango
    The Maharajas Mango
  • Whiskey Piccalilli
    Whiskey Piccalilli
  • Coconut Kasundi Paste
    Coconut Kasundi Paste
  • Tarragon Mustard
    Tarragon Mustard
  • Fig Paste
    Fig Paste
  • Quince Paste
    Quince Paste